1 in 8 have persistent symptoms

One in eight people infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus presents with persistent symptoms, a study of long-term Covid prevalence in the Netherlands has concluded.

Research published in The Lancet More than 76,000 people were analyzed this week, 4,000 of whom had Covid. Researchers found that 12.7% had prolonged Covid symptoms after 3-6 months, including chest pain, difficulty breathing, muscle aches and general fatigue.

Aranka Ballering, author of the study from the University of Groningen, said: The non-communicable health consequences of the pandemic, including stress caused by restrictions and uncertainty. ”

The study found that 21.4% of people infected with Covid-19 experienced at least one new or increased severe symptom 90 to 150 days after initial infection.

“The post-Covid-19 situation is an urgent matter with increasing human suffering,” Ballering added. “Understanding the core symptoms and his post-Covid-19 prevalence in the general population will allow us to design studies that can ultimately inform the success of healthcare responses to long-term symptoms of Covid-19. It’s a big step forward for our capabilities.”

The survey found that 1.8 million people (2.8% of the population) in the UK this week are experiencing self-reported Covid-19, long-lasting unexplained symptoms lasting more than four weeks after being infected with Covid-19. Estimated by the National Statistics Office. Others) As of July 2, 2022.

of ONS long-term Covid prevalence analysis Of the self-reported long Covid patients, 243,000 (14%) had or were suspected of having Covid-19 initially, and within 12 weeks, 1.4 million (81%) had at least 12 weeks 761,000 (43%) at least 1 year ago, 380,000 (21%) at least 2 years ago.

Long-term Covid symptoms adversely affected the daily activities of 1.3 million people (72% of self-reported long-term Covid patients) and 369,000 (21%) said their daily activities were ‘significantly limited’. reporting. ”.

Fatigue (54%), shortness of breath (31%), and loss of sense of smell (31%) continue to be the most common symptoms reported as part of the experiences of individuals who have had COVID-19 for an extended period of time. 23%), followed by muscle pain (22%).

The ONS also shows self-reported long-term Covid prevalence as a percentage of the UK population among people aged 35 to 69, women, people living in less disadvantaged areas, people working in social care, We also found the highest among 16-year-olds. People who are not students or retirees, are not in paid employment or looking for work, and have other health conditions or disabilities that limit their activities.

Long Covid has been found to be more prevalent among those who are “economically inactive” than those who are employed or unemployed.

A long list of Covid-caused symptoms from a Dutch study included chest pain, difficulty breathing, pain when breathing, muscle pain, loss of taste and smell, tingling in the extremities, lumps in the throat, heat and cold, Heavy arms or legs, and general fatigue.

1 in 8 have persistent symptoms

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