10 Best Places to Visit in London without Luggage Inconvenience

London, one of the most visited tourist place with 27 million people every year, is a top priority for travellers. And when in London, you cannot miss the fantastic tourist attractions.

Travelling and carrying along your luggage makes it hectic. But the luggage storage London facilities provided at various stations give you a perfect solution. You can trust your luggage with the service providers and travel without any hassle. Admirers of natural beauty would not want a restless journey. So, the luggage storage centres in London come to their rescue.

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London has a concentration of mesmerizing attractions. You might need a long vacation to take a complete tour of London.

Why should you look for luggage storage in London?

Going to London is an achievement to be accomplished as the number of travelers is enormous. Conveying your baggage alongside you is troublesome in the bustling city. Hence searching for luggage storage London space makes your travel blissful and liberated from worries.

There are numerous regions in London that you should visit and the presence of baggage storage centres close by each station is an additional benefit. These places give you room to keep your things safe and make your trip fun.

It may be possible that when you land in the city, your rental isn’t accessible for you. In such situations, this storage let you keep your gear, and you would then be able to begin your journey in London freely.

Touring isn’t something similar with sacks in your grasp and the pressure to protect them in your brains. The sole motivation behind travelling is genuine feelings of serenity. So, keeping the baggage to the side, gotten, makes your movement intentional.

Regardless of the reason you visit London, it has something exceptional for everybody. In case you stay here for some days, you must definitely visit some tourist attractions. Here is a rundown curated to facilitate your exploration.

  1. Buckingham Palace

The Queen of London’s residence, the Buckingham Palace, is one of Britain’s most iconic buildings. It is open for tours for ordinary people. You get to see 19 royal rooms that host the royalty guests, the state and ceremonial affairs during the time. Accentuated with candelabra, chandeliers and exquisite English furniture, the palace grabs the attention of many. The rooms exhibit grandeur and are also a reflection of British history. The court requires you to give at least two hours for a detailed tour. For these two hours, you can easily find a facility for luggage storage in London nearby. When in London, you must get a visit to Buckingham Palace.

  1. Big Ben

Situated in Westminster, Big Ben is a nickname for the Great Bell of London. It is a landmark that must be on your list. It is now officially called the Elizabeth Tower after Queen Elizabeth II. It is the most famous clock across the world. It is an architectural masterpiece that you must visit on your trip to London.

  1. Hyde Park

One of the world’s largest parks, Hyde Park, is probably the most famous park in London. Having hosted many demonstrations of protests from the past, it has great historical significance. It has a speaker’s corner occupied with debates, speeches, and artist performances every week. You can even paddle boats with swans beside you. It is a magnificent experience. And to make it even interesting.

  1. London Eye

Your journey wouldn’t be complete without visiting the London eye. The superior construction is a giant Ferris wheel that offers a marvelous view of the city. The beauty emanates at night when the wheel lights up with seasonal colors. It is also the heart of London’s New Year fireworks. If you wish to take a magnificent memory back with you, visiting the London Eye is necessary.

  1. Baker Street

The famous street, named after builder William Baker, is popular due to its connection with the fictional character Sherlock Holmes’s legendary. You can find a museum- Sherlock Holmes-nearby and the internationally famous wax museum – Madame Tussauds. Later, you can cross Primrose Hill for the most spectacular view of the city.

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral

London has many churches, but St Paul’s Cathedral is a prominent and one of London’s largest cathedrals. The interior of the church is skillfully crafted, and you get a mesmerizing view from the church. The dome of the church is said to have dominated the skyline for about 300 years. The crown opens for tourists at 9:30 am.

  1. The Thames

The soul of London, the Thames, is the longest river in London. It was a base settlement and a place for strategic importance for the Kings. Many companies in London offer a cruise in the Thames. It passes through various sightseeing areas, including Tower Bridge, House of Parliament, and the London Eye.

  1. Platform 9 ¾

Who would not know about Platform 9 ¾, the station number that would lead you to Hogwarts? It is a centre of attraction for most Harry Potter fans. You can visit here and click pictures as a member of the Gryffindor. There is also a luggage trolly that magically disappears into the wall. You can get on to your wizarding journey at this place.

  1. Tower of London and Tower Bridge

The renowned Tower of London has stood in London since the 17th century. It is a famous landmark that intrigues visitors about the rich history of the country. Adjacent to it is Tower bridge that is equally fascinating. You can walk through the bridge and capture the moments.

  1. The British Museum

The British Museum is the house of antiquities and has more than 13 million fine artworks from around the world. The museum showcases an array of ancient exhibitions, archaeology, and history. The museum has a shop selling kids’ games and replicas of jeweler and structures.

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