10 Survival Tips for Graduation

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You’ve spent years trying to get a PhD, and all that hard grafts have finally paid off. It’s time to get back the road signs, start eating breakfast by noon, and face the facts. I’m out of money and I don’t have a loan anymore. It’s official: you need to get a job. Then what should I do?

Finding your first job as a graduate can be a daunting task at its best, and even more difficult in today’s difficult economic climate.

Already emphasized Some of the top employers hired this year, But here is a list of our top survival tips for new graduates To help you get started.

1. Start calmly (today)

When you start job hunting in graduate school, it’s easy to feel that others already understand everything. But that’s not the case.

The majority of your peers will focus more on releasing steam during the summer than working on their CV, not to mention applying for a job.

If you don’t know exactly what you want to do with your bachelor’s degree, or if you don’t have an up-to-date resume, don’t panic. The first step is to take action over time.

Graduate resume template

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2. Hide yourself

NS Cover letter teeth Essential for Graduate work..This cannot be emphasized enough: it crosses your personality and Tailor yourself For a specific role.

Recruiters receive hundreds of graduate CVs, so a well-crafted cover letter can be a deciding factor in choosing an interview.

Create content related to the job you are applying for and avoid opening letters with the general’to whom it May concern…‘Take the time to find the cover letter address.

Graduate cover letter template

How to write a cover letter

3. Do your homework

It may seem obvious, but the more you plan, the greater the benefits in the long run.

You can learn a lot about the company just by visiting its website and doing some research..

Your resume will be more relevant (for example, you can use a value statement to match your company’s mission statement and goals) and you have the background you need if you achieve it. interview stage.

Method: Investigate the company before applying

Resume adjustments: what you need to know

4. Acquire a hobby

Think about how it differs from other graduates. Include the relevant units or subjects you have studied that may make you an ideal candidate.

Have you done anything Voluntary work Or any course Which one could be related to the position? If not, it may be a good time to consider this.

My hobbies are the same. Make the most of your new free time and take something that will make you stand out.

Remember: It’s never too late to learn something new.

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5. Sell yourself (not the title of the degree)

When you start applying for a job, your degree is likely to be less relevant to the position you are interested in. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re inappropriate.

look past Think about your degree title and the skills you have acquired along the way. Working on deadlines, research and analysis skills, giving presentations, and demonstrating logical thinking and interpersonal skills are all wonderful attributes often obtained through higher education.

The list is really endless. It’s all about how you present and communicate them.

Graduate Skills: What Do Employers Want?

6. Be confident and positive

This applies not only to your attitude but also to your language.Avoid when creating applications Common resume mistakes like that ‘I feel I have …‘ also ‘I’m good at …“Remember: You’re pitching yourself to your employer. A little confidence can be of great help.

This is also true if your degree does not exactly match the position you are applying for.Start your cover letter with a phrase like this “I know I don’t have much experience in this area …” It doesn’t give employers much incentive to keep reading.

Recruiters rarely see “perfect candidates.”What you focus on can Offer them, not what you can’t.

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7. Continue to build the network

Do not underestimate the power of networking.. Search for friends, family, family friends, friends of friends. You may not have seen them for years (you may have never met them!), But that shouldn’t be a problem.

Put your name there. It’s definitely worth it if you can get work experience from one of your contacts, or even get updates when potential positions emerge.

How can I connect to the network?

8. Gain experience

It’s a dirty job, but … you should be ready to start from below.

Enter the desired field or What i really want to do, Probably need some experience.This is possible Introductory level And many companies offer internship Or the opportunity to experience graduate work.

Wages may be relatively low in the first place, but you’re probably used to having limited funding at this point. So if you can afford to do this kind of work, it won’t hurt you for the next few months.

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9. Consider all option

OK. You have reached graduation and have no idea what kind of work you are eligible for. Believe us, you are not alone.

Make sure you know all the options before you start writing yourself. From time to time, your degree can open more doors than you think and lead your career in a completely different direction. You’ll be surprised if you don’t necessarily think it’s “career friendly”.

Graduate system It’s a great place to get started, and generally you can try different roles regardless of your bachelor’s degree. Find other areas you can enter and start applying.

Graduate system: what you need to know

How has your search for a graduate job changed this year?

10. Do not take personally

Unfortunately, as a graduate job seeker, rejection It is inevitable. But just because it’s competitive doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you apply for some positions and get no response, please do not take it personally. Patience is everything.

If possible, try getting positives (and negatives) from each application. It doesn’t hurt to ask the recruiter why you failed. You may just learn something.

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10 Survival Tips for Graduation

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