11 Onze Launches Facebook-Style Private Social Network

Spanish 11 Onze It says it was the first neobank in Europe to create a private social network (PSN) for its customers.

11Onze has launched PSN in Barcelona to encourage clients to engage with banking agents and each other in finance, economy and welfare.

11 Onze Launches Money Social Network

Features include access to a library of information on these topics, 11 Onze TV, described by NeoBank as “like Netflix on banking and finance,” and a marketplace where customers can do business with each other. I will.

La Praka, or Market Square, provides users with the opportunity to learn about the personality, skills and aptitude of banking agencies.

“11Onze PSN brings the’relationship’of traditional customer banks to digital banking,” said James Sene, founder and chairman of 11Onze. “We are a new category of social networks that bring together the latest advances in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn in Netflix format. This is a vertical social network for money made in Catalunya.”

Sene explains that PSN is part of a digital community where individuals and small businesses can learn how banks work.

“Fintech banks are struggling to maintain aspects of traditional banking relationships, and community banks are failing to optimize in the digital arena,” he adds. “This gap is filled with the offer of 11 Onze.”

Other features include an independent self-assessment for customers looking for a loan or savings product. Marketplace, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) rental services will be added within a few weeks.

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11 Onze Launches Facebook-Style Private Social Network

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