13 Toners Best for All Skin Types in 2022

toner.. We’ve all heard of them, and we’ve seen them on grandma’s dresser, “cleanse, Tone and Moisturizing“But does anyone know what to do in practice?”

To Alice Mihai, a skin-beautifying practitioner Skin + IQ Clinic To understand what is what.

What is Face Toner? How does it benefit the skin?

“The main purpose of toner is to remove excess oil, dirt and impurities that may have remained on the skin after cleansing,” says Alice. It also helps remove the residue left by the cleanser. “This greatly improves the absorption of serums and moisturizers and helps restore the PH balance of the skin. [which can be disrupted when cleansing].. ”

But because we love the opportunity to level up skin care Steps, most toners come with additional benefits that can help the skin. “Now we can find the right toner for all kinds of skin types and different individual needs,” says Alise. “You can find toners that contain different active ingredients that have been incorporated to target different skin problems.” For example, toners that contain salicylic acid ( Obeigu’s Pore Therapy) Helps to soothe spots Exfoliating Acid (etc. Pixi’s glow tonic) Helps to smooth and brighten the skin, and toners containing nutrients such as honey help calm the sensitivity. All of these help improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Who is the best toner?

“Toners are especially useful for greasy and acne-prone skin,” says Alise, but anyone can benefit from toner, especially if they choose a toner that’s tailored to their skin problems. increase.

When and how do you use toner?

“Apply immediately cleansing Most people don’t know that the active ingredients in skin care products (vitamin C, retinol, glycolic acid, etc.) work more effectively when applied to moist skin, “says Alise. Then leave it as it is before applying the following steps: serum When Face cream..

Toner history

A little background: when the toner first arrives skin care In the scene, they were very harsh and tended to be packed with dry alcohol to reduce oil production. “Decades ago, we washed our face and body with lye-based soap, which left a residue on our skin, so toner was used to remove excess scum. “Alise explains. “Originally made of rose water, alcohol was later incorporated to better remove the residue. Later, it was discovered that alcohol also helps stains due to its drying and antibacterial properties. Therefore, toner existed long before it was called “toner” and long before it became popular with the masses in the 1980s. Instead, they were called skin tonics and astringents. They were usually pretty harsh with perfumes, ammonia and alcohol, as women were looking for something to help tighten their facial muscles. That’s exactly how toner was advertised to give life to tired facial muscles, and unfortunately all of these harsh ingredients had a tightening effect. It only takes a short time, “Alise adds. But since then, Toner has come a long way.

Do you really need toner?

“Is toner a 100% necessary part of your skin care routine? Probably not. But it’s up to you because it can make your skin feel like it has an extra boost.” Alise says. “Personally, for acne-prone and oily skin, toner should be the second step in everyday life.”

Here are some of the best toners for all skin types …

13 Toners Best for All Skin Types in 2022

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