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13-year-old Cardiff tennis genius who became a viral TikTok star during the blockade

A 13-year-old tennis player created a challenge, posted it online, and then spread it on TikTok by word of mouth.

His bright video featuring challenges, activities and tennis around the house caught the attention of everyone from local tennis clubs to Wimbledon.

From Sebastian Griffith, 13, Nice, Train at Witch Church Tennis Club. With the help of his five-year-old brother, he created over 100 challenge videos daily.

One of his videos was shared across Wimbledon’s social channels and quickly spread by word of mouth.

Cebu said: “I decided to wear it Ticktaku The sound of the video is different, so I thought it was a good app.

“My family and friends really enjoyed it, they all gave me really good comments.

“It was a great feeling to take on various challenges. My mother lined up the laundry and gave me a ball, but when I went to the court I felt very good and felt like I had never heard of it.

“The court that went down the road from me was recently refurbished and I can’t wait to get there right now.”

He has won the Young Person of the Year at the Tennis Wales Awards.

Cebu and his brother Fletcher completed the challenge together

Mother Melissa Davis, head coach of the Witch Church Tennis Club, said:

“He was playing outside and flipping the ball with his feet and said it would be a great challenge for tennis. We came up with different challenges and decided to post them online and they were recognized. I started.

“The ideas were mostly hiss and entertained me because I couldn’t go to the actual court. We pushed ourselves every day and Cebu enjoyed them completely.”

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Melissa said her family was thinking about quitting, but received so many messages of encouragement that she decided to continue.

“I was thinking of quitting, but I received a comment saying that I couldn’t wait until the next challenge, so I decided to continue.

“Everyone was entertaining, so it was a laugh and a bit of a fuss, so I decided to continue.”

The Riubina and Macintosh Tennis Clubs have also won awards. This means that Cardiff has won three awards.

Simon Johnson, CEO of Tennis Wales, said:

“The Tennis Wales Awards are a great way to celebrate these great contributions. We recognize that we can recognize the coaching teams of Sebastian Griffith, Riubina Tennis Club and Macintosh Tennis Club for their efforts to maintain the community’s involvement in tennis. We are very pleased and hope that this award will help show that tennis is really for everyone and that clubs throughout Wales always welcome old and new players.

13-year-old Cardiff tennis genius who became a viral TikTok star during the blockade

Source link 13-year-old Cardiff tennis genius who became a viral TikTok star during the blockade

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