1GHz MCU for RTOS applications with complex HMI

With a series of microcontrollers built around a 1 GHz 64-bit Arm Cortex-A55 core, Renesas aims for applications that require a fast RTOS (real-time operating system) and sophisticated user interface .

RZ/A3UL MCUs are intended to boot into FreeRTOS or Azure RTOS in less than a second. “This feature is ideal for systems that require fast response times, such as industrial equipment, home appliances, his office automation equipment with liquid crystal displays and control panels, audio equipment, and point-of-sale terminals,” the company said. increase. .

DDR3L/DDR4 RAM is available on the part, which allows for “1,280 x 720 class displays and HMIs utilizing camera input or various types of sensors.” It also has an Octal-SPI memory interface (MXSMIO OPI – Macronix Serial Multi I/O Octa Peripheral Interface).

Peripheral functions and package pin assignments are based on the RZ/G2UL group for Linux (which also includes the Cortex-A55 core) and the company’s RISC-V based RZ/Five MCU and Compatible.

Renesas is the licensing provider of Azure RTOS for the RZ family, so “users can download Azure RTOS from GitHub and get started right away,” he said, adding FreeRTOS and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for developers. We have a software package that includes the driver. Use it as a reference.

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and there is RZ/A3UL, RZ/G2UL (type-1), RZ/Five pin compatibility guide

1GHz MCU for RTOS applications with complex HMI

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