2021 Pride of Portsmouth Awards Finalists Revealed

After receiving hundreds of entries submitted by both colleagues and patients for this year’s Pride of Portsmouth The Portsmouth Hospital University NHS Trust (PHU) Awards and Jury has read, judged and graded category-wide nominations to create a final candidate list.

Winners in each category, including collaboration for patients and volunteers of the year, will be announced at a virtual awards ceremony on Tuesday, November 30th.

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A pediatric nurse at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth says she is “honored.”

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Winners of the 2020 Pride of Portsmouth Awards for Compassionate Cooperation: Rachel Shah Gold, Senior Sister

Within the category are news-supported patient selection awards, where readers are asked to nominate someone who deserves special recognition.

Penny Emerit, Chief Executive Officer of PHU, said:

“Last year was a rewarding year for everyone. I am very proud of the way my colleagues have responded and continued to work together to provide care and compassion to patients.

“We are delighted that the news is once again supporting the Patients’ Choice Award, and we look forward to reading what staff mean to the community we serve.”

The finalists of the Pride of Portsmouth Awards 2021 are:

Work together for the patient

Emergency Department

Karen Nutkins-Lung Cancer Patient Route Coordinator

Work with compassion

Veronica Welland-Healthcare Support Worker

Sumet Calf – Professional Identity of Chief Nurse

Rose Hayward-Healthcare Support Worker

Work together as one team

Voluntary service management manager

Extended Critical Care Covid Team

Peritoneal dialysis nursing team

Working together always improves

Rachelle Asciak-Respiratory Consultant

Real estate and commercial team

Education and Research Award

Jim Khan-Consultant Surgeon

Brandee Bergeron – Practice Educator

Rebecca Howes-Clinical Librarian

Non-clinical support award

Abigail Gubbey-Supply Chain Lead

LucyVollentine-Respiratory Service Manager

Mike Dales – Chief Analyst

Gaynor Priddy-Chat Management Manager


Florence McDonald’s-Military Nurse

JHG South Military Nurse

LCpl Roanna Vickers – Operating Department Practitioner

Stephanie Roberts-Military Practice Development Nurse

Teresa Macnally – Healthcare Support Worker Apprentice

Bethany Gerrard-Healthcare Assistant Apprentice

Zack Hamilton – Electrician Apprentice

Gemma Greenfield – Bachelor’s Degree Apprentice

Mervyn Bell – Hospital Guide Volunteer

SallyAnn Sines – Patient Experience Volunteer

Leane Stevenson – Family Contact Volunteer

Joy Kennard – McMillan Hub Volunteer

Inspiring Leader of the Year

Daniel White – OPM Matron

Annie Campbell-Sister

Colin Beevor-Rheumatoid Arthritis Matron

Michelle Robo-Family Contact Manager

Lisa Murray, Senior Research Nurse

Ellie Ridley, Staff Nurse

Hannah Merritt, Nurse of Pediatric Emergency Department

Radiation therapy physics planning and dosimetry team

Ben Downer, Senior Clinician

Tracy Morgan, Place Specialist

Message from editor Mark Valdron

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2021 Pride of Portsmouth Awards Finalists Revealed

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