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2022: Upcoming Trends

There are many predictions about upcoming trends that will shape the world in 2022. Lino printing is one such trend that took off because people have started to look back at more traditional art styles, with many people learning this simplistic method in the comfort of their own homes during the lockdown. Enamel pin badges are another hot commodity, as enamel pins have been popular for years making great gifts! Terrariums have been a new trend of their own, with many people stuck at home in their flats they have been looking to create indoor green spaces. In this article, we explore what 2022 has in store for these trending topics.

Lino Printing, The Return of Traditional Art

Lino printing uses one of the oldest forms of creating art which is called relief printmaking, where you carve a design into a block such as lino. The negative space that is carved away leaves raised areas that are inked and printed onto paper or textiles. Lino printing can create simple designs or can be used to create more complex designs if you use multiple colors.

After lino printing took off in the 1960s, lino printmaking has seen a resurgence in recent years. It is expected to continue growing as more designers and artists find this medium an exciting way of expression. Many people during lockdown turned to their more creative side to look for inspiration during darker times. Due to lino printing being one of the simplest art forms to learn it gained a lot of exposure, with many people still practicing their new hobby making handmade Christmas cards to cheer everyone up after the crazy year of COVID Lockdowns.

The Comeback of Pins & Badges

Enamel pin badges were once popularised by brands like Disney but have since lost their appeal with customers who preferred other forms of wearable accessories such as snapbacks or watches. However, enamel pin badges are making a comeback after being adopted by fast-fashion and slow-fashion companies that want to stay relevant while staying true to their roots.

With many enamel pins, they are typically handmade making them a unique piece that adds style to any outfit. For example, if you are wearing monochromatic clothing then enamel pins can be used to add pops of colour without clashing with the rest of your wardrobe. Moreover, enamel pins have also been popularised by celebrities, in particular, Kendall Jenner who can be seen wearing enamel pins on her Instagram account.

Terrariums Growing Popularity Among Homeowners

Terrariums are becoming a trend in the home decor industry and are a good way to liven up the decor of your home. They look great on coffee tables and dressers, and can even be used as centerpieces for dinner parties or weddings.

Glass terrariums have long been used for indoor decoration purposes due to their ability to hold moisture and because reflect light well. They have become popular with people who want to grow unique plants such as succulents or cacti that cannot be grown outdoors.

Small gardens that come with their own lids and can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors, terrariums have been trending since 2020 due to COVID lockdowns and will continue to grow over the next few years as millennial homeowners prioritize style and convenience when designing their homes.

Many people were looking at how to make a terrarium from home to keep busy during the lockdown and release their inner green thumb. Gardening is a great way to lift your mood as well as learn new skills such as growing plants.


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