£ 250m Winter Access Fund for GP to boost face-to-face appointments

The NHS has published a blueprint to support the GP and its team and improve patient access to GP appointments.

Surgery has the ability to increase the proportion of people who will be offered face-to-face as part of a key driving force to support general practice and improve performance, including additional efforts to address staff abuse. Additional funding will be provided to enhance.

This measure, including the £ 250m Winter Access Fund from the NHS England, will increase availability through GP practices and make it available to patients in need on the same day as needed. This investment will fund the locum and support from other medical professionals such as physiotherapists and podologists, with a focus on enhancing the ability to support emergency day care. This adds to £ 270m invested in the last 11 months to expand capacity and support GP.

Patient preference

NS NHS England Documents Unless there is a valid clinical reason for opposition, all general practitioners should seek the patient’s opinion and make it clear that they should respect their preference for face-to-face care.

Additional investments will help increase the number of appointments offered, but local health systems are free to decide the best way to tackle specific challenges in accessing and delivering care in their communities. I can do it. In consultation.

Regional planning needs to achieve these improved access. It does not provide the right level of face-to-face care, does not have access to additional funding, and instead provides support for improvement.

In this plan, the NHS will also support telephone system upgrades, allowing more patients to talk to general practice staff quickly and easily and avoid long waiting times for surgery over the phone. ..

The government will also reduce the administrative burden on GPs and free up time for more bookings by reforming those who can provide medical evidence and certificates such as FIT notes and DVLA checks.

Patients can also see different types of clinicians in general practice who can best meet their needs and conditions, such as pharmacists, emergency care workers, senior nurses, and nurses. The NHS England will also work with the government to consider how quickly the role of pharmacists can be increased in the supply of medicines as part of reducing the workload of the GP.

Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer of the NHS, said:

“This is a personal priority and today the NHS England is taking urgent and long-term action to support the GP and its team with additional investment and support.”

Health Minister Sajid Javid said: I would also like to thank the GP and his team for their hard work during the most difficult times of my living memory.

“Our new plan provides investment and targeted support for the general practice team, which addresses performance degradation, relieves staff pressure, and spends more time with patients. , You can increase the number of face-to-face reservations.

“In addition to this, we have come up with more measures to tackle abuse and harassment, so the staff of general practitioners who work hard to care for patients, without fear of their safety. You can do that. “

£ 250m Winter Access Fund for GP to boost face-to-face appointments

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