34-year-old vile rapist jailed for ‘horrific’ assault of luring 13-year-old girl into van on her way to school

A nefarious rapist has been jailed for “grisly” raping a 13-year-old girl he lured into his van on the way to school.

Denise Cadena, 34, drove past a schoolgirl in Southampton, hampshireWhen he pulled over on September 14th and persuaded her to get into his car.


Dennis Cadena, 34, sentenced to 11 years in Southampton court on ‘horrible’ rape chargesCredit: P.A.


Nasty sex offender lured schoolgirl into backseat of van and then raped herCredit: Solent

He then sexually assaulted her before tricking her into pushing her into the back seat of a van, where he raped her.

Cadena, of York Street, Hampshire, was convicted of rape and sexual assault by a Southampton Crown jury. court.

Sick rapist sentenced to 11 years in prison prison Extend your license for four years with a lifetime sexual harm prevention order.

Kadena will serve a minimum of seven years and four months in prison.

hampshire police “The ruling was issued after the girl reported that a strange man in a white van approached her on her way back to school and offered to give her a ride,” the spokeswoman said. We responded to this under false pretexts from the Kadena side.”

“Kadena initially passed the girl and winked, then turned the van around and chased the girl.

“Mr Kadena previously sexually assaulted her while she was in a van.” drive took her to bed.

“He then asked her to help him with something in the back of the van, where he raped her before dropping her off near the school.”

Kadena was arrested on September 20 after police found him driving nearby and recognized him from the victim’s statement.

Inspector Claire Shawley said: “This was a horrifying attack on a young girl on her way back to school.

“Naturally, this was a traumatic ordeal for her, and I would like to commend her for her bravery and bravery in helping bring this dangerous man to justice. I hope you can.”

In a victim statement read by prosecutor James Kellum in court, the victim said: “He took something special from me.

“I’m slowly starting to pick myself up. Now I want to forget about this situation and try to be better.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22409063/vile-rapist-jailed-horrific-attack-girl-13/ 34-year-old vile rapist jailed for ‘horrific’ assault of luring 13-year-old girl into van on her way to school

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