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£ 37m worth of new lodge housing project to build 123 new homes in Belfast

A home rehabilitation project to build 123 new homes in Belfast was announced today.

Community Minister Deirdre Hargey Upper New Lodge The area of ​​North Belfast will create new social housing.

You will see the area under redevelopment between Hillman Street and Straseden Street.

As part of an ambitious plan, homeowners remove long-deteriorated properties to give way to new, high-quality homes.

Minister Hargay said: “We are pleased to announce this £ 37m rehabilitation project for Upper New Lodge Belfast. This scheme provides high quality, affordable and sustainable homes.

“We are working with the local community to ensure that this highly needed project will be realized. The area will be extensively redeveloped and 123 new homes will be built. It was when I said I needed to build a house where I needed it. “”

“The challenges in our housing system have been around for years,” she explained.

“That’s why I’m leading the largest housing reform program in over 50 years. I’m moving forward to provide the housing options and solutions that society needs, demands and deserves.

“This £ 37m investment North Belfast Evidence that the work of transformation brings to people, workers, and their families. ”

Sinn Féin MLA Carál Ní Chuilin “We are delighted that Community Minister Deirdre Hargey has announced £ 37m to build 123 new homes in Upper New Lodge.

“This will provide families in North Belfast with high quality, sociable and affordable homes.

“It will also see regional regeneration and devastated buildings being replaced by new top-notch homes.

“It is the Sinn Féin Party’s commitment to provide more homes and transform homes, and we are pleased that Minister Hargay continues to fulfill her promise to build homes where they are most needed. increase.

“We are looking forward to working on these homes and receiving the keys when the first family is completed.”

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£ 37m worth of new lodge housing project to build 123 new homes in Belfast

Source link £ 37m worth of new lodge housing project to build 123 new homes in Belfast

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