40 Maltby Street Restaurant applies to various licenses

Bermondsey’s popular restaurants and wine bars may be open six days a week if the license change application is successful.

The Maltby Restaurant at 40 Maltby Street is located under the railroad arch. It is not open on Sundays, but has a license from Wednesday to Sunday.

If various licenses are approved, alcohol will be available for sale on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 am to 11 pm and will close at 11:30 pm.

The restaurant owner initially applied for alcohol sales until 12:30 pm, but received complaints from police and neighbors and reduced the suggested time.

Police said the additional time would “harm children by increasing pollution and preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep.” They withdrew the complaint after the time change.

The four neighbors opposed the license change because the extra noise “significantly jeopardizes and interferes with their lives and sleep.”

“Local children already have years of unrest and years of sleep disorders due to ASB.

“Allowing these variations increases noise and ASB, along with the anxiety experienced by many children living here.

“More time the facility can operate will do more harm to the children living in the area,” they said.

However, the restaurant owner said he believed the venue was “concentrated” on the neighboring Maltby Street Market.

“We were at their entrance and the notice was posted there, but we are a completely different business.

“The reason I think many of the details of the expression are related to the operation of the market is that they almost all emphasize the elements of their operation.

“One of them explicitly mentions the operation of the market. They all mention obvious violations of the license terms. For example, drinking from open containers has never been allowed. Not available, but offered by many market traders.

“Similarly, all statements state that we were contacted” many times “with complaints.

“During the 10 years of operation, there was no contact from our neighbors regarding the noise from our premises.

“I know this doesn’t apply to ropewalks. As I said, being able to operate on Mondays and Tuesdays is valuable to our business, so I’m definitely going to change the application. is.

“We have been operating before both Vermonji Ark and Vermonsy Central were built, and we are always aware that the region is much more populous, so we are always conscientious. I’ve been trying to be a good neighbor, “they write.

Ah Southwark The License Subcommittee will consider the application on June 17th.

40 Maltby Street Restaurant applies to various licenses

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