5 Advanced Tips To Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

Modern marketing technologies allow distributing the content in various ways. Each channel has its advantages. In terms of LinkedIn, the benefits are the accumulation of the business people and the focus on professionalism.

For B2B companies, such an emphasis is a chance to narrow the sales funnel and get quality leads. How? By distributing content and creating value. On LinkedIn, many features foster the promotion of the content, especially if it is shared as an expert opinion.

The advanced methods require expertise for social selling and content promotion. Yet, it may not be enough. To promote content effectively, one should have an established profile and a developed network of contacts.

In this post, you will know how to promote a post on LinkedIn and improve relations with the prospect, applying advanced methods. Under advanced techniques, I mean the ones that you should use when you have made a name for yourself on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Content Strategy: Fundamentals

Before all, LinkedIn as a marketing tool only works if you keep in mind the principles of this very platform. They refer to:

Thus, to succeed in content distribution, you need your LinkedIn content strategy to reflect these principles. The right way to do so is to apply expertise that will offer value in the end.

How does it add to your brand? It establishes trust and helps to create a bond with prospects. It is no surprise that posting on LinkedIn facilitates getting 15 times more engagement on available content.

You should already know that post promotion on LinkedIn is impossible without proper profile, communication, and content. These aspects allow you to create a pool of followers that will become the foundation for further growth.

Before using advanced techniques, you should make sure that your profile looks credible and expert. Therefore, the number of followers and existing publications on your page matter. The more active you are publishing, the better it is for your further actions.

Lastly, the most important thing is the content itself. When you have a LinkedIn profile, you should have a content strategy. As your goal is to provide value, set the topics that would be interesting to your audience.

Use groups and threads to listen to your audience and find the questions that you can answer. Your audience needs solutions, while your content should offer them. Besides, plan your publications and make them relevant to the environment you are working in.

Advanced Ways to Promote an Article on LinkedIn

The post promotion on LinkedIn depends on the content, relevancy, and niche you are operating in. Yet, the particular LinkedIn tips for businesses can be used irrespective of the context and the content you are propagating.

Collaborate with experts

Before all, when you have a pool of followers, you are a recognized figure. It means you have connections with different experts. You may need time to have them on your list. In some months, if you post, comment, and connect daily, you will have a list that can start working for you.

What next? Go to the search and start looking for people that can be experts in your sphere. Let’s say they occupy a particular position, so you can set an appropriate filter. They are your candidates for the collaboration.

You can either use email software to extract their address or write them via direct messages when you find them. However, the best option is to add them to your CRM or Google Sheet.

For sure, you would need to manually analyze their pages to define who would fit in your content strategy. That can require time and research.

However, as soon as you identify the list of experts for the following report or post, you have two options:

The first can be ineffective as some people fail to read their message box. The second one would require you to know how to find emails in bulk. Yet, if you have all experts in one document, it won’t be an issue. The reason is that you can get corporate emails by simply uploading a file to the email finder and proceeding with the enrichment.

The collaboration with experts depends on communication as well. Remember to avoid being pushy. Besides, you should offer value. For some experts, the mentioning of their names on the report may not be enough. Thus, you can try including a piece of their research in exchange of publication to advance the collaboration.

Ask to share your content

The particular method seems to be straightforward enough. Yet, it is unlikely that your post would be proliferated if you just ask to promote an article on LinkedIn.

Many things depend on your image, your connections, and the content. Why is such a technique called advanced? Because you need insightful content and a personalized approach to each person.

Moreover, it is better to analyze the audience of the person you are asking to share. Your article or post must be relevant and valuable to them. If you target a person working in real estate, focus on real estate stats or solutions that can be applicable to them. Find a personalized approach and offer value to them.

The same principle works in communication with them. Start with commenting on their posts and introduce your topic. The introduction can be about the solution to their business or the additional information related to their post.

At the same time, you can find their article on the web and say that you want to use it but need an update. Before all, it is an occasion to develop a bond. After that, you can declare that you will mention them in your article and ask if they will repost your writing piece.

Remember: Post promotion on LinkedIn is always about quality. Thus, offer value first; otherwise, you would sound pushy.

Organize events

Another way to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool refers to digital events. LinkedIn is known as a platform for professional development. Thus, it opens specific opportunities for handling or promoting different events. When you offer an educational event, like a course or webinar, it is to suit the needs of LinkedIn users.

Also, it can work as a lead magnet making people subscribe to you, a speaker or organizer, or leave their contacts to get newsletters. Everything depends on the quality of the content you offer. If you do not see how it promotes your content, here are two benefits of such an event.

The first is that you can offer links to your content before or after the course to attract traffic to your website. The second advantage is that if they mention their issues and leave their email, you will know their preferences and interests to offer a newsletter. It is not only a way to increase traffic generation, but to add to deliverability of your email campaigns.

Target small groups

If you use LinkedIn for content promotion, you already know that groups are effective for attracting leads. In this regard, the right strategy depends on choosing the right ones.

My recommendation is to start with small groups. Why? In the big groups, your posts can be lost or ignored. In the small ones, the posts are likely to be visible.

Also, such groups can be more homogenous, primarily if they refer to a specific niche. If you become an authority in such a group, you can post the articles to your website or even start paid promotion.

To achieve it, you would need to write to the admin and come to an agreement. As a result, this way, you can increase your page’s visibility, improve your reputation, and drive traffic to your website.

Use sponsored publications

One can see it as a pretty easy method for post promotion on LinkedIn. However, if you want to make it work, you should first understand your audience, which is hard without social listening. Besides, you need high-quality content. So, how to do it right?

LinkedIn offers sponsored publication allowing your message to reach people who are not subscribers or visitors of your company page. For it, you should set the targeting settings right and reflect the issues of your target audience.

Notably, this social media offers a Direct Sponsored Content feature. The only downturn of this tactic is that the content will not appear on your page. Instead, you will create it in the special manager within the LinkedIn platform. At the same time, you can create a message and add the unique document to be distributed. It may be a brochure, report, or guide.

What can be the results of such a campaign? Higher engagement, greater awareness, and more leads. Yet, be sure to present yourself right and leave a link to your profile. One of the pros is that you can market your event, video, or image carousel. The latter can refer to infographics or pictures relevant to your prospects.


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