5 of the best graduate jobs

So you graduated from college. So what?

For many graduates, know What to do with your degree It is not always an obvious choice. Especially if you are looking to earn quickly and are looking for a good starting salary to help you get things started. But how much should you be looking for?

Here are five of the most paid graduate jobs to start your perfect career path after graduating from college.


What they do: Prepare a company account. Accounts are used to give an overview of your organization’s overall financial position. The general duties of an accountant include tracking income and expenses, conducting audits, reducing financial risk, and providing budgetary advice.

What you need: Attention to detail and the head of the figure. Analytical skills and the ability to work well under pressure are also essential qualities for a graduate accountant.Additional accounting-specific qualifications (etc. AAT When CIMA) You may also need to make progress in many companies – many financial-based graduate programs include these courses as part of your training.

What you can earn: Graduate accountants can expect to earn about £ 23,000 * (usually slightly higher than non-graduate beginners) as a starting salary. If you work for a well-known company, it can go up to about £ 30,000.

Employer: EnterpriseRent-A-Car, ACCA..

Optimal application: People who want to add numbers.

Our advice: Many companies don’t necessarily have to get an accountant degree, but it can be a very competitive industry for beginners.Not only take advantage of the previous experience you may have in you Graduation resume (for example internship, work experience Make sure to list some of the accounting software you used and some of the most relevant modules you covered as part of your degree.

5 jobs in the accounting industry

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Recruitment consultant

What they do: Procure suitable candidates for different roles. This may include creating a job description, reviewing candidates, and matching role needs. You may also need a significant amount of “headhunting” by searching job sites and social media platforms to find the right person for the job.

What you need: Excellent communication skills when working with both clients and potential candidates. Good research skills and a positive, results-oriented personality are also essential.

What you can earn: Graduate recruitment consultants can expect to earn around £ 25,000 when they are just starting out. However, this can be much higher, with potential bonuses and commissions up.

Employer: Lead, Haze..

Optimal application: Someone who wants to make finding the job of another person their job.

Our advice: Starting a hiring career can be incredibly rewarding, especially financially. However, do not postpone even if you do not have experience in a similar role. Many recruiters accept applications from graduates, regardless of degree. It’s about showing that you have the right mindset for that role and demonstrating that you can succeed in a results-oriented environment. Therefore, clarify this within your application and provide examples of achieving your goals professionally, personally, or otherwise.

How to become a recruitment consultant

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What they do: Collect and analyze company data, monitor industry trends, conduct surveys, and reach actionable conclusions. Their role may also include reporting on important insights and reporting to senior stakeholders.

What you need: Most employers expect at least a bachelor’s degree, along with some evidence to handle and interpret complex data. Critical thinking skills and good attention to detail are just as essential.

What you can earn: Graduate analysts can earn around £ 25,000 and salaries for people working in more specialized fields are higher.

Employer: Greencore, Woucher, Deloitte..

Optimal application: Someone who likes to analyze everything.

Our advice: There are a variety of areas of expertise that analysts should work on, including market research, business analysis, data analysis, systems analysis, and investment analysis. If you’re having trouble finding an analyst role in your area, try opening a search and including these keywords.Many employers offer you On the job training To help you speed up, you may be eligible to apply for more roles than you think by simply expanding your scope.

How to become an analyst

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Area manager

What they do: Supervise and manage store groups in one particular area or region. Typical roles include everything from managing budgets and achieving sales goals to hiring managers in supervised stores.

What you need: Excellent interpersonal skills, motivation and ambition. You also need to know the company’s products and processes inside out in order to set an example and lead the region.

What you can earn: Some of the top of the country Graduate system We provide graduate area managers with a starting salary of approximately £ 40,000 +. However, with 3-4 years of training and experience, this can reach £ 70,000.

Employer: Aldi, Lidl, B & M..

Optimal application: Someone who wants to sell their skills (and get paid for them).

Our advice: They often involve a rigorous recruitment process because they are in a very lucrative position. In other words, you need to do everything you can to stand out.Always you Study as much as possible Whether you do this through a desk-based survey or by visiting the store for the company you are applying for. This will give you a wealth of information that you can refer to regarding your interview.

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Software Engineer

What they do: Investigate, design, develop, and maintain a variety of software, new or existing. This can range from building databases for internal use and developing new technologies to building servers and manufacturing mobile apps.

What you need: Technology-based degrees are generally considered a prerequisite for the role of software engineering. Sufficient knowledge of different programming languages ​​is also very helpful and means that you can apply for a wide range of roles.

What you can earn: Graduate software engineers usually make money somewhere in between £ 25,000 and £ 30,000, depending on technology and size of the company.

Employer: vitality, BJSS..

Optimal application: Those who are not afraid of Python.

Our advice: If you’re having a hard time finding a specific experience to add to your resume, learn a lot and broaden your horizons. Coding language.. Even if you don’t want to use it in your daily role, a little experience with a particular language can help make your application more balanced. Especially you are positive course In your spare time.

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Other high-paying graduate jobs: Graduate Business Analyst, Graduate structural engineer, Marketing executive, Quantity surveyor..

* Job-based salary advertised on in July 2021

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5 of the best graduate jobs

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