5 tips for riders who are planning a winter road trip

Winters are near and you know what that means: It’s time to get in action on the streets!

Going on a ride in the winters is a wonderful idea, the picturesque beautiful roads covered in mist, and a cup of hot tea with friends – ah, everything sounds so soothing!

These days millennials are actually more influenced towards road trips for a vacation or a getaway. Around 20% of all travelers are millennials and they take about 5 such road trips every year.

And next year, this figure will jump to 40%.

Now, it’s safe to say that more and more people are attracted to trips. But, keeping the fun and adventure aside, it’s also important to be safe during your journey. Road trips in winters are different than summers. You need to be extra careful and alert for all things that will create hassle in your fun trip.

So, let’s take a look at 5 tips that you can take note of if you are planning one such road trip.

  1. Research the roads before starting

You might have already decided which roads you are going to explore for your trip. But first, research everything about that road because it may happen that it is more prone to weather fluctuations.

It’s obvious that roads might be covered in snow or ice or both, so you must be prepared. Keep a physical map of the road with you, keep a number of all the local services that fall on the road, and keep an eye on the local news channel.

Also, if you are building expectations of covering long distances on this trip, it is advised not to. Because the weather is not in your favor, it won’t take much time before this trip becomes the worst nightmare.

  1. Check your tires

One of the most important things to do before getting out on the road is to get your tires inspected. As mentioned already, it’s quite a possibility that roads are going to be covered in snow or ice, it is better to switch them with winter tires that have the ability to control extreme weather conditions so you won’t be bothered about it during your trip.

Other than that, make sure the bike is comfortable and up-to-date. For instance, check the handle gear, terminals and headlights are working well. If not, then give it for servicing.

  1. Pack an emergency kit

Hoping you would never come in contact with any kind of trouble at all. But it’s good to have a safety kit by your side. Things like, medicines, extra food, cable, engine oil (bikes), sandbag, first aid should be included in your packing without any negligence. A 4WD recovery kit and gears would also prove very useful if you come in contact with any trouble.

But also keep in mind to not overpack or otherwise it will make your trip tiresome and tedious.

Enlist all the necessities and luxuries and you will get a better idea of it.

  1. Take breaks

A fun road trip doesn’t only mean covering long distances and reaching your destination. The real fun lies in the journey, enjoy that. And the best way to do that is to take short breaks in between the trips. Not only it will be helpful to get yourself recharged, but your bike would also get some rest.

Remember while taking breaks, check on your friends and make sure they are okay. Also, check your motorcycle if it’s in good condition, or if it needs something.

  1. Stay hydrated and full

During a road trip, you won’t be able to drink after short intervals because obviously, you would be riding.

So, make sure, whenever you stop, you drink enough water to stay hydrated. Because as you will continue your trip, you are bound to get dehydrated, if that happens you will be more prone to fall sick.

Also, stay full. No, that doesn’t mean you keep your stomach full all the time. When you are starting for the journey have a little breakfast, and then when you are taking your next break, eat well.

This way your body will function for more hours and you will be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Over to you…

Going on a road trip in winter is one of the best trips you will ever make. But if you are not cautious it will become a blunder for you.

So, keep these tips in mind and discuss them with your friends to make sure you have an amazing time.

Have a safe trip!


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