5 Ways to Expand Your Living Room Space

Having a small living room can make your living spaces feel very cramped. You may even feel like no amount of decluttering can help you make your living room seem more spacious at all. But of course, you’d definitely want your home to feel more comfortable and less restricting, so you’ll do what you can to make it happen.

But that doesn’t mean you’d simply resort to renovating your living room for expensive costs. Besides, there are several means that you can use to make your living room appear bigger than it is. With that being said, here are five ways you can expand your living room space below.

  1. Utilise Neutral Colour Schemes

Suppose your living room also finally calls for a much-awaited paint job. In that case, you should also take it as an opportunity to revamp your cramped space by painting it with neutral colour schemes. Neutrals do an excellent job of making your areas look more open and brighter. They also tend to provide an illusion of pushing back your walls.

Neutrals also make rooms look much more modern and luxurious. Light will also bounce well from neutrals and are very pleasant to look at. If you paint similar shades on your ceiling, you can significantly make your room feel more comfortable and look less cramped.

Of course, you should know by now that common neutral palettes involve beige, white, and light grey. However, if you’re not a fan of typical neutral hues, you can always go for muted colours instead. These muted hues include pastel blue, calming lavender, and earthly greens. After all, these colours will still do the trick that standard neutral shades would offer.

  1. Add Furniture that Makes Your Living Spaces Look Larger 

Your old, bulky-looking furniture might also be the reason why your living room feels congested. Gladly, you can always replace those with various types of furniture that will make your living spaces look more prominent. Here are a few examples to help you out below.

For instance, you can add floating furniture to give the illusion that less space is consumed. You can get this done by mounting your TV on the wall. To your liking, you may also install white floating shelves to serve as extra storage for your living room.  

Another good idea of maximising the space in your room is by getting furniture that’s classified as lightweight. These types of furniture usually come with glass parts, transparent portions, and thin frame structures. Basically, the key is to use furniture that tricks you into thinking that there’s more space left than there actually is. And using the sample furniture above will help you achieve this.

  1. Strategically Place Mirrors in Your Living Room

Fancy and nicely-designed mirrors do more than just offer a dramatic accent to your living room. In fact, they also do a great job of reflecting all light that shines into your room. With that being said, it’s highly recommended that you place one across the largest window in your living room.

You can also try adding more mirrors into your room to bounce off light and make your space feel more open. Meanwhile, if your room barely has any windows for you to work with, that’s okay. You can still try placing mirrors behind your pieces of furniture instead.

  1. Use Furniture that Includes Smart Storage Solutions

Do you feel like no amount of decluttering helps you keep your living room feel more spacious? You can always invest in smart storage solutions. These involve double-purpose furniture products that serve their intended use while also providing you with more room for storage.

For example, you can make the most out of the space underneath your large living room window. You can install dual-purpose seating there that includes shelves underneath for a convenient storage area that’s also very stylish. Moreover, you can also opt for coffee tables that come with hidden storage units for items you don’t want in plain sight.

  1. Give Emphasis to Your Interior’s Vertical Structure

If you can’t seem to make your room appear larger horizontally, you can always resort to other means instead. This includes adding illusions that will make your room appear larger vertically. This especially helps if your living room already has high ceilings.

An easy way of highlighting your room’s vertical structure is by adding gorgeous floor-to-ceiling curtains. Additionally, you can also do this by displaying statement pieces and artwork in a well thought out manner. Besides, adding a wall filled with art can also help you add personal touches to your room while also giving it an illusion of height.  

Final Takeaways 

Overall, there are plenty of ways for you to expand your living room. With that being said, you don’t need to shell out any money for further renovations just to make it look spacious. Besides, there’s no such thing as living rooms that are too small. You’re most likely just not using the right pieces of furniture and strategies to make it appear larger and, at the same time, stunning.


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