5 ways to organise your office desk

“Uggh, my desk is a mess!”

“My desk is always my mess!”

If you often find yourself saying this on a regular basis, then sit tight because this article will make sure you never have to face problems with organisation again.

Even after covid-19, 35.9% of people prefer to work from the office for 5 days in a week. This makes it extremely important to keep your office desk homely and clean.

So, let’s take a look at various office organisation techniques that can make your office life easier.

  1. Organise your desk and drawers

Keep your desktops and drawers clean organized in order to avoid you from getting overwhelmed with work. And with organization, I don’t mean stashing all your files and essentials inside your cabinets… and taking a sigh of relief (I know you thought of that).

Instead, you need to declutter your desk by dividing all your files and essentials in two different places. All the small essentials like stationery, receipts, and files should be kept in a storage box from Office Choice on the desk at your eye’s length.

On the other hand, all the important files should be kept inside the cabinets. You will be surprised to see relieved you feel with just a little organisation.

  1. Hide all your cables

Raise your hand if you believe that cables are the most annoying things on the desk. No matter how much you keep them away, at the end of the day, it always tangles itself.

Research has proved that visual clutter such as tangled wires on a desk has a big impact on your attitude towards work. It can make you panic, overwhelmed and anxious at tiny-little tasks.

But don’t worry, now you can keep the wires of your desk tangle-free and organised using a cable organiser. It will also help you find the correct port every time you are in a hurry to charge your phone at 1%, jk.

  1. Keep your stuff in one place

If you want to save time during work, organise similar stuff in one place. If your scissors, sticky notes and all the other stationery can be organized in one drawer, then do it. This will save space for other items to go into different drawers.

  1. Use labels

If you are looking for a godsend product that can help you spot your important file in minutes, then this is it.

Labels are also the cheapest way to keep your office desk organised. All you have to do is, put the label on the box with the things that will be kept inside of it, and place it where it belongs.

Also, kindly don’t mess it up unless you want to do it all over again.

  1. Give it a personal touch

Putting all the essentials together is important but again it should look straight out of a catalogue. Your desk should have a welcoming vibe, so you don’t feel frustrated on an already loomy day. So, let’s leave the details to you and see what you can come up with.

  1. Filter your notifications

The most important asset on your desk is your computer. Well, since you cannot do much with its positioning let’s look into organising the inside (if that’s even a thing).

What I mean is, organise your notifications. If notifications from different clients keep popping up, it will make you feel distracted and  

So, take some time out and unsubscribe from any useless emails and change the settings into silent.

  1. Clean up before you leave

No matter how tired you are, always clean up before you leave. Yes, it’s quite tempting to leave some stationery and files on desk because you know it’s not going anywhere. But answer honestly, do you really start your work day with a messy desk space? No right.

So, keep pens and notebooks in their designated place and then leave your desk. Trust me, this underrated hack will keep you a lot more sorted than you can imagine.

Over to you…

These organisation tips will help you stay away from any kind of distractions, unless you are hiding under your desktop to binge Netflix.

Also, being organised is one of the differentiating personality traits that will make you stand out among your peers. So, use these tips and organise your office desk to work your way up to glory.

Best of luck!

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