5 Ways to Support the LGBTQ + Community Beyond Pride

It’s not just Pride Month that I’m proud of …

Pride Month highlights the LGBTQ + culture and celebrates the history of the community. But June is not the only time we can get together and celebrate. And you don’t have to make sure you’re an LGBTQ + to be an ally and participate.

Starting this month, here are five great ways you can show your support to your colleagues and community.

1. Participate in community events

Hundreds of LGBTQ + events are held throughout the year. Eventbrite When London pride From drag branches to Instagram Live Q & A, it’s a great place to start what’s happening in your area. There is something for everyone.

Work in technology?? Out Intec Host regular events and integrate the technical and LGBTQ + communities. Bonus: We have over 40,000 members in 17 cities and are counting. Someone said: “Networking in New York?”

It’s not just face-to-face events. The calendar has important dates designed for better visibility.Show your support on social media during International Transgender Day of Recognition, Day to celebrate bisexuality When Coming out day.. Raising awareness in the LGBTQ + community helps to create a sense of belonging and openness. This is a welcome sight for people to see, especially if they have faced discrimination.

2. Support LGBTQ + charity

Giving back is a great way to get involved. If possible, it may be due to a donation. But you don’t necessarily have to give cash. Would you like to volunteer your time instead?

London friends – A charity that supports LGBTQ + community health and well-being in the capital – is looking for volunteers who can help raise funds, provide counseling, and run social and support groups.

During the pride, will host “Lunch & Learn” with CEO Monty Moncrieff to learn about the life-changing work they offer and how we can help. I was surprised. He also hosted a bake-off to raise money for charity and introduced a rainbow dessert suitable for Paul Hollywood’s handshake.We ate all the cakes, but you can still donate and double your money Big give (No baking required).

Do you think you can listen sympathetically? switchboard We run a hotline support service for LGBTQ + people and they are always listening to volunteers.

3. Learn about the community

Did you know that “coming out” is not just once? This is what LGBTQ + people may choose to do when they start a new job or meet new people. At, for a month we’ve been repeating common misunderstandings that break myths. Not only do you ask the staff to tell you about community icons and peers.

If you want to hear about some of the challenges facing LGBTQ + people, or just want to be a better ally, there are plenty of resources to help.Hone your arms the term Have a well-informed conversation or Top 100 employers For LGBTQ + people.

4. Become an ally

Study by Deloitte Eighty-two percent of LGBTQ + people have revealed that the alliance believes they will help them get to work. Therefore, becoming an ally is probably one of the most influential ways to support an individual in the workplace.

Diversity groups and inclusion groups are great ways to provide a safe space for people to support each other and raise issues that may affect the workplace. Most of our work at is proposed through the LGBTQ + Inclusion Group, which consists of community members and allies. workplace.

If you don’t have an inclusion group at work, you can start an inclusion group or suggest a networking group that provides an opportunity for people to connect and discuss issues that affect them.

5. Shows workplace support

In addition to raising the rainbow flag, many companies are implementing LGBTQ + workplace initiatives in their pride or as part of providing diversity and inclusion. The variety offered ranges from team building events to talks from influential people in the community.

Contact the HR team to find out what your organization is planning. Or, if there’s nothing on the calendar, suggest something yourself (party, someone?)

Are you struggling with ideas? Lunch & Learn, Pride Bingo and Bake Off have been big hits with our co-members in recent years.

At, we want everyone to love Monday. And that means you can come to work as your true self. every day. single. Day.

If you have any suggestions to add to this article, please comment below or send us a message on Twitter. @reedcouk..

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5 Ways to Support the LGBTQ + Community Beyond Pride

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