6 gifts to give your wife on your first anniversary

The first-year anniversary is a very important event in every couple’s life. And so, you must gift your wife a souvenir that makes her believe how important she is to you. But if you are struggling to find that perfect gift, here is a list of options you can take inspiration from…

  1. Customized anniversary ring

If you love to display your love to the whole world then a customized anniversary ring would be an ideal way to do that.

When you show her off in front of the world, it is bound to make her feel special. Of course, if you want, a diamond ring can be a great option too but why not pick something different and intimate this time?

A customized ring that has the date of your wedding engraved on it. There are so many jewelry shops that can do that for you at almost all budgets. And oh, did I mention, how it will make you a thoughtful husband? Your wife is going to love it for sure.

  1. Customized perfume

The smell is extremely powerful… it can take you back to a thousand memories and a thousand emotions. Luxury perfume for women is a great gift choice for such a special occasion.

Or if you want to do something different, here’s an idea…

Make your perfume. Yes, whatever essence you feel your wife reminds you of, customize it into a perfume and present it to her. There are various places that offer these services, or if you can’t find something, Youtube always helps.

  1. A wooden plaque

A wooden plaque that is carved with your silhouette is an amazing anniversary gift to bring a smile to your wife’s face. All you have to do is find the places that make these customized wooden plaques and send some of your old photos to them.

You can also add your own details, like your secret way of saying “I love you” or your wedding date or a beautiful quote to appreciate her. This is surely going to be worth it for the first-anniversary gift to your wife.

  1. 12 letters to love

No matter how much you employ modern communication methods, nothing can beat the essence of writing love letters.

If you have never really been the expressive type, or even if you are, writing love letters for your wife and telling her how beautiful your life has been ever since she stepped in, is a beautiful gesture. This DIY will definitely take some time, but mind you, this will be the most precious gift your wife will ever receive.

Since this gift requires you to write 12 letters, I advise you not to write all of them at a stretch. Instead, write whenever you are inspired and seal them together with a rose.

  1. Wedding painting

Want the love of your life to know how much you cherish your wedding day? Then get one of your favorite pictures painted from your wedding photoshoot.

Yes, you can also get it printed and framed but it’s a different gesture of love when it’s painted. And it will surely give you both a whiff of romance whenever you pass through it.

  1. Skincare

If your wife is truly a skincare fanatic (after you, of course) then surprising her with skincare goodies on your first anniversary is an amazing gift choice. If you have no understanding of this, seek help from her best friend or her sister and create a small hamper with all the skincare essentials.

Pro tip: Add a small envelope with your name on it and add puns like, “if your moisturizer finishes, ask for my kisses”. Trust me, you will spot her blushing the moment she reads it.

  1. Lingerie

Want to make your wife feel extra hot and confident before the day ends, then buy her a good piece of lingerie.

But don’t buy something that’s too tacky or uncomfortable for her. The best and safest choice to go for would be lace lingerie. She can wear it every day and also for special events (like your anniversary).

Over to you…

For women, efforts matter more than anything else. That is why this list only has items that will make your woman feel valued and cherished. So, go ahead and grab what your heart says, your wife would love it…

Also, a very happy anniversary love birds!


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