6 health benefits of sleeping with your dog

You can get health benefits by putting your dog in bed (Photo: Adobe)

The rich benefits of caring for a dog are well known.

From dating to exercising, a man’s best friend offers endless joy throughout his awakening time.

Perhaps less well documented is the perk of sharing your sleeping time with your pouch.

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It seems that more than half of pet owners have their pets lying in bed, and many will get paid.

Do you still need convincing power? MattressNextDay emphasized the health benefits of allowing your dog to sleep in your bed:

Pet Effects: 6 Health Benefits of Sleeping with Your Dog

1 You will get a deeper sleep

Studies show that sleeping with a dog helps to relax and increase the flow of oxytocin, which can have a significant impact on how deep you sleep.

sleep Being with a dog can promote brain waves and synchronize heartbeats. This allows you to enter REM sleep (the deepest stage of sleep).

So, next time you sleep near your dog, imagine your heart beating at the same time to help you drift faster.

2 unlikely to have a nightmare

Sleeping with a dog can prevent nightmares and even help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This is to help reduce the anxiety that dogs often associate with nightmares and PTSD due to hyperawakening.

Therefore, this creates a more positive sleeping environment and makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

3 You will feel safer and more protected

Further research has shown that having a dog in bed has a positive effect on a woman’s sleep quality, as it makes her feel safer and more comfortable.

Think logically about it-your dog’s instinct is to protect and let you know if they feel something is wrong.

4 Your stress level goes down

74% of pet owners report improved mental health after purchasing or hiring a pet.

Hugging your pet not only releases oxytocin (the “hormone of love”) as mentioned above, but also reduces stress and makes you feel better.

Therefore, stress is one of the most destructive factors for a good night’s sleep, which makes it easier to fall asleep at night.

5 Blood pressure also drops

Similarly, studies show that interacting with dogs can lead to lower blood pressure readings.

So, do you need to make any more excuses to hug your dog before you plan to sleep?

6 Less likely to cause allergies

There is much debate about whether to sleep with a pet because of possible allergies, but one study found that children sleeping with dogs can become allergic later in life. Will be lower.

6 health benefits of sleeping with your dog

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