6 Premiership Golden Boot front runners with Kyogo and Tony Watt leading “race to 18”

The Golden Boot Race is always an interesting side show, although the SPFL doesn’t have the physical boots to award the winner.

And unlike in recent years Alfredo Morelos Or Odsonne Edouard will already be out of competition. This season’s top scorer races are almost as engrossing as the fight for the title itself.

In four of the last seven seasons, I was able to steal the cloak with 18 goals. Since there is no clear front runner, it seems that the story will be similar this time.

Tony Watt In a tally of nine, he was leading the charts in December and he is not short on the company.

Close to behind 8 o’clock Kyogo Furuhashi Christian Ramirez of Celtic and Aberdeen.

Next, Hart and Hibernian with Liam Boyce Martin Boyle 7 o’clock.

In Rangers, there are 6 Kemar Roofe, 5 Alfredo Morelos and 5 Fashion Sakala. We use Colombians for these purposes because he is the most regular starter.

It’s not an accurate science, and of course injuries can happen to anyone, and even the most prolific seasons can be cruelly shortened.

Soccer data, however, came somehow using InStat Scout You can guess who is likely to finish as the league’s top scorer.

Of course, whether it is educated or not may depend on who you support.

Golden boot race

Tony Watt (Motherwell, 9)

Striker Tony Watt scored a 1-1 draw at Motherwell’s Hibernian, but boss Graham Alexander wants him to do it more often.

The top-level resurgence of Watt, the current highest scorer in the Premiership, is one of the stories of the season.

His prolific appearance knocks on the Scottish recall door, which was thought impossible even a year ago.

Graham Alexander’s management suggests he’s right there at the end of the season, as he’s once again one of the league’s most feared strikers, scoring nine goals in 17 games. doing.

His 7 xG is there on average, which indicates he doesn’t happen to be at the top of the mountain.

Looking at the numbers, we can expect a slight decline between now and May. His conversion rate was 22%, the second lowest and most time played in the survey.

He also plays for teams that haven’t achieved their goals exactly compared to the people around him. But assuming he’s the main character of Motherwell and he’s staying healthy, he’s likely to be there or so.

Kyogo Furuhashi (Celtic, 8)

Watt may be leading the chart, but enough for Kyogo to jump over him and bring the proverbial golden boots home, a solid favorite of most bookmakers. There is a reason.

He has been a show star since joining Celtic in the summer and has been the focus of the thrilling and aggressive football that Parkhead fans bubbling in their mouths.

He has achieved an average goal every 116 minutes he has played in the league, converting 31% of his chances.

More specifically, his goal tabulation is exactly in line with his xG so far-he’s persistently prolific in front of his goal.

The arrival of a new striker or the appearance of Jorgos Musk Makis could be seen cooling his score, as he was not so threatening on the strange occasion that he was greatly moved.

But if you’re playing for a goal on the Celtic team, you’ll still be surprised if he doesn’t clear 20 by the end of the season.

Christian Ramirez (Aberdeen, 8)

Don Juan, you’ve had a lot of moans, but things may eventually start looking up-and your number nine takes a lot of credit.

Ramirez jumped to No. 2 on the scoring chart with a double with St Mirren, which also sent Don to the top half.

If you want to struggle to overtake Dundee United and Motherwell, they have to run together and the Americans are quality strikers.

With the fewest chances (0.88) and shots (1.38) per game, Ramirez has achieved the goals of a team that hasn’t worked well yet.

He has the second best chance conversion rate at 43% of the strikers surveyed.

The real focus is that he’s been sending out scraps for now, but if he could feed more often like that St Mirren match, more goals would follow.

Martin Boyle (Hibernian, 7)

Hibernian Martin Boyle celebrates scoring a third goal to accomplish a hat-trick
Hibernian Martin Boyle celebrates scoring a third goal to accomplish a hat-trick

So far, it’s been a stop-start season for Hibernian, but the Premier Sports Cup finalists have at least one person they can trust to provide consistently.

Boyle was already at a high level after scoring 11 league goals from a wide position last season, which was surprising in the first half of the campaign, but he raised it again this quarter.

Six goals in his first seven games established him as one of the best finishers in the category. Not surprisingly, the drop in foam from Boyle coincided with the Hibernian season not getting off the ground.

He won the net only once in the last seven times as Jack Ross’s team lost everything except one of those games.

However, Boyle’s chance conversion rate is very high at 40%, suggesting that it won’t take long to get Boyle up and running again.

And if he does, he will catch up with the top of the scoring chart.

Liam Boyce (Heart, 7)

Voice's ability is highly valued.
Voice’s ability is highly valued.

The Northern Irish have been in the limelight after winning the Livingston and are important players for Jumbo.

But given that the third-placed team defeated 30-year-old Dundee United five times without him, it’s not overly dependent on 30-year-olds.

His tally is bloated with three penalties, but he achieves higher conversions than xG suggests.

That’s not great news for Jumbo, as it suggests that he may retreat as the season progresses.

He needs the help of Barry McKay’s other attackers while fans are shouting that Josh Ginelli will start more often.

He is an excellent Premiership striker and, of course, surpassed Ross County’s 2016-17 scoring chart, but can struggle to reach that tally of 23 again.

But Hart doesn’t have to worry. Their success is based on the defense of the three impervious players and the performance of the keeper Craig Gordon of the Player of the Year.

Alfredo Morelos (Rangers, 5)

He is second to none at the forefront of scoring, but Morelos is familiar with Rangers fans as the protagonist and plays the most time of all Ibrox strikers. doing.

Fans hope that the arrival of Giovanni van Bronckhorst will be able to rediscover his old appearance.

Frankly, the current edition is well below standard.

Significantly lower performance compared to his xG, he has only thrown away 18% of his chances and only one-fifth of his shots are targeted.

To make matters worse, he takes far more shots than any other major frontman.

There’s a feeling that it won’t get much worse, but there are three goals in four games in every tournament under the new boss, which is a big positive sign.

As with the depth I saw at Roofe, this summer I will share goals in rotation and adopt Sakara.

6 Premiership Golden Boot front runners with Kyogo and Tony Watt leading "race to 18"

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