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7 Tips for Saving Car Money This Year

It wasn’t a good time to cut spending on cars, one of Britain’s largest wallet burners, as many British are aiming to restructure their finances this year.

according to Geek walletThe average Englishman spends £ 3,406.80 on his car each year.

This means that the average UK salary person spends more than 13% of his total income on his car.

Car dealerships to help drivers reduce costs Peter Vardy This year, we unveiled seven changes that can be made to save £ 1,400.42.

1: Add someone else to your insurance – save £ 426 each year.

If you are new to driving, appointing a parent in your policy can reduce your annual insurance by hundreds.

According to a study conducted by Uswitch, simply naming parents in a policy can save an average of £ 426.

2: Avoid paying premium fuel for standard cars – save £ 179.14 a year.

Retailers often argue that premium fuels offer performance and economic benefits and can even protect the engine.

In reality, unless you’re driving a high-performance car, you’re unlikely to see many improvements, but you’ll pay an average of 10p more per liter. By sticking to the standard lead-free, drivers can save £ 138.32 a year.

3: Hugging can save you money when buying car insurance, car insurance, and cars.

Hugging is an underrated art form, Expert to save money Getting the renewal cover reveals a £ 100 savings from RAC. According to Money Saving Expert, all drivers competing for coverage in AA, Admiral and RAC have achieved an 80% success rate in reducing premiums.

4: Save £ 74.10 when full of supermarket garages.

Forecourts in supermarkets are usually cheaper to fuel than branded garages. Save £ 74.10 a year by switching to fill your car in the supermarket garage.

5: Save £ 574 a year by performing your own car maintenance check.

Regular car maintenance checks, finding standard wear and fixing it before problems occur eliminate the need to pay an average annual repair fee. £ 574..

6: Fuel Cashback Credit Cards can save you £ 53 a year.

Cashback When you purchase petrol or diesel using a credit card (such as Santander’s 123 account), you will receive 3% cashback for each replenishment. If you fill your car every other week, you’ll get £ 52.68 for the whole year!

7. You can save up to £ 29 by paying the road tax annually instead of monthly.

It may be easier to spread the cost of road taxes, but it will cost more in the long run. Saving to pay in one lump sum saves £ 29 a year.

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7 Tips for Saving Car Money This Year

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