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£ 70m Plan to Turn Little Woods Building into One of Britain’s Largest Movie Studios

A large £ 70m plan has been announced to redevelop Liverpool’s iconic Little Woods building into one of the country’s largest television and film complexes.

The Liverpool Council provides details of its groundbreaking plan Famous edge lane site -We hope to create 4,000 jobs and turn the city into one of Europe’s leading television and film hubs.

In addition to creating a major studio, we are planning new creative office space and new media facilities on our site.

Former Art Deco Headquarters of the Little Woods Empire It has been open for decades and is in serious dire straits, including the damage caused by the 2018 fire.

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A report scheduled to go to the council’s cabinet meeting for approval next week shows a proposal for a major redevelopment in two phases, the first phase of a £ 8 million restoration in early 2022. Approval is required to get started.

If approved, Phase 1 funding will be provided by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to carry out site research, rehabilitation, and key scheme design work for the building’s current leaseholders (Capital and Centric). Will be granted to.

The £ 8m required is part of a broader £ 17m funding package previously agreed by the Combined Authority, of which £ 3m has already been provided to Depot Studios.

As part of this funding package, Capital and Centric’s current leases will be abandoned and reissued in a shorter period of time to facilitate the provision of repairs.

Phase 1 work takes about a year, and the full Phase 2 costs can lead to a complete development contract.

Proceeding with Phase 2 requires a fully costly financing package, and the Council and Combined Authority plan to invest £ 12 million and the rest in commercial lenders.

Two major anchor tenants, Twickenham Studios and Liverpool John Moore University, have already been proposed for this plan, which is subject to a building permit.

The Littlewoods Studios scheme consists of:

• 85,000 square feet of studio and auxiliary space for Twickenham Studios. Operated by TIME + SPACE Studios.

• The 75,000-square-foot educational space proposed to Liverpool John Moore University will provide a sector-leading entertainment technology center to equip local young people with advanced skills to work in the industry.

• The third element consists of 95,000 square feet of flexible employment space for the creative industries and is promoted to the market for expressions of interest.

The Littlewoods Studios plan is considered to complement the recently completed council and combined authority-funded studio known as “The Depot.”

These two 20,000-square-foot temporary filming stages managed by the Liverpool Film Office opened last month and are already flooded with bookings from a wide range of clients.

The depot alone is expected to provide a £ 24m economic boost to the local economy, create 360 ​​new jobs and 760 indirect jobs, and form part of Liverpool’s 10 post-pandemic pledges to stimulate growth. I am.

Liverpool is already the second-photographed city in the UK and currently hosts prominent works such as Gemma Arterton’s Sky’s Funny Girl and Team’s Channel 4 Zakars behind People Just Donashing. increase. He also recently invested in helping Channel 4 starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham, the BBC responder starring Martin Freeman, and ITV adopting the Ipcress file through the LCR Production Fund.

Major blockbusters such as the BBC’s 6th series Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, Ridley Road, Netflix’s Stay Close, Sky’s COBRA: Cyberwar, and Warner Bros’ The Batman and Netflix’s Munich: The Edge of War are also in Liverpool. It was taken in.

“We are pleased to announce that Liverpool City Council’s Minister for Economic Development, Sara Doyle, said:

“Liverpool’s offers have blossomed over the last decade, and it feels like you’re hitting a TV crew every other day or watching the city on TV or at the cinema every other week.

“The transition from’going to the city’for exterior photography to one that can produce a studio and talent supply tailored to our wonderful background is a city because of the economic and educational benefits for everyone. Is what you need to provide. look.

The Little Woods building was built in 1938

“Although the opening of Depot Studios was a great start last month, Little Woods is on a different scale, emphasizing the capabilities of partners such as Twickenham Studios and John Moore University.

“This report details the first steps to bring this huge sleeping building back to life. If approved, we will provide remedial measures, prepare for Phase 2 and make this dream come true. , Can produce thousands of skilled jobs that feel far more influential than these studios. “

Steve Rotherham, Mayor of the Liverpool City Area, said: “Our region is a vibrant and innovative hub of creativity and talent. We want our money to give the locals the right opportunity to succeed.

“Our heritage, architecture, talent, and people mean that we can always attract movies and TV shows from all over the world. But why actors from Kirkby, camera operators from runcorns, edits Can one not come from the bootle?

“We want to make our region” North Hollywood “in the United Kingdom. We’ve already seen the launch of the first temporary sound stage, but it’s great to see the £ 17m investment in developing a world-class facility in Little Woods take the next step.

“We look forward to the work written, filmed, performed and produced in the Liverpool City area being cleaned up during the award season over the next few years.”

Adam Higgins, co-founder of CAPITAL & CENTRIC, said: We worked hard to reach this stage and invested in developing a vision for the site and securing key tenants. We cannot underestimate whether this is an important rehabilitation project for Liverpool. This is shown in support from the city council and the combined authority.

“Not only will Liverpool’s position at the forefront of the UK creative industries be solidified, it will bring a lot of benefits to nearby people who have thousands of jobs and millions of investments. “

Professor Joe Yates of LJMU, Vice President of the Faculty of Arts and Sociology, including the Liverpool Screen School, said: For both.

Appearance of the new Littlewoods Studios (CAPITAL & CENTRIC)
Appearance of the new Littlewoods Studios (CAPITAL & CENTRIC)

“We already tell hundreds of students each year how to tell stories and make films, but with our sector-leading industry partners, this new LJMU facility brings Liverpool people to the best and most up-to-date technology. It means you can train at. From Hollywood.

“I’m confident that filmmakers from around the world can come here and make a blockbuster movie with the right equipment and the right people.”

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£ 70m Plan to Turn Little Woods Building into One of Britain's Largest Movie Studios

Source link £ 70m Plan to Turn Little Woods Building into One of Britain's Largest Movie Studios

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