77 new Indian Covid variants found in the UK may be “causes of concern”

Health officials have designated the Indian variant as a
Health officials have designated the Indian variant as a “subspecies under investigation” (Photo: Getty Images)

With 77 cases reported in the UK, the first new Covid-19 variant detected in India could be a source of concern.

Public Health England (PHE) has identified 73 cases of the B.1.617 variant in the UK, while 4 cases have also been found in Scotland.

This figure is based on the latest update of PHE surveillance on the distribution of various coronavirus variants across the UK, based on data up to April 7.

‘Under investigation’

Health officials have designated Indian variants as “under investigation variants” (VUIs) rather than “concerned variants” (VOCs) such as Brazilian and South African variants.

PHE said there is currently no evidence to suggest that the new Indian mutant is more serious than the previous mutation, and there is no current evidence that the vaccine is unlikely to act on it. ..

Cases detected in the United Kingdom are spread across different parts of the country, many of which are understood to be related to travel abroad, but investigations are still underway.

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said the mutant was characterized by two “escape mutations” (E484Q and L452R) that were “worrisome to people.”

He states: “There is laboratory evidence that both of these are escape mutations.

“Basically, applying what we know about other human coronaviruses would suggest that this would be further uncontrolled by the vaccine.

“But I certainly don’t know that at this point.”

According to PHE, this variant “contains many mutations such as E484Q, L452R, P681R”.

It states that “all appropriate public health interventions, including enhanced contact tracing, will take place” after detection, and PHE and international partners are “closely monitoring” the situation.

Soaring Covid Rate

In India, the prevalence of Covid-19 has skyrocketed, with more than 13.9 million confirmed cases and 172,000 deaths. Currently, India is not on the government’s “Red List” of travel. Refused to enter the UK.

The Prime Minister has reduced his planned trip to India as Covid’s situation is deteriorating.

Boris Johnson was scheduled to spend four days in the country at the end of the month, but after meeting with the Narendra Modi administration, he was able to fit “most” of the meeting into one day.

Professor Hunter said it was “not surprising” that the variant came from India.

He explained: “Given where the major variants originated, such as South Africa, the United Kingdom, California, Brazil, and now India, these are all countries that are really struggling to control the number of cases.

“So that’s not surprising. India has a big pandemic, and that’s where you get that variant.”

“The big, big anxiety about this is that it still seems a bit speculative, as it hasn’t been confirmed. But … here are two mutations that are worrisome to people. There is. “

PHE said mutations in the 484 peplomer are associated with mutations in Manaus and South Africa.

The E484K mutation has been reported in laboratory experiments to weaken antibody neutralization, but the E484Q mutation is different and is still under investigation.

The virus mutates frequently by its nature, with more than 18,000 mutations discovered during the Covid-19 pandemic, the overwhelming majority of which do not affect the behavior of the virus.

The latest PHE findings mean that there are 7 VUIs and 4 VOCs being tracked by British scientists.

77 new Indian Covid variants found in the UK may be “causes of concern”

Source link 77 new Indian Covid variants found in the UK may be “causes of concern”

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