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IPO fever is currently sweeping the UK. In the last few months, Deliveroo, musicMagpie, Darktrace, Trustpilot and more have all been released.

Many other companies have already announced their intention to go public, and London seems ready for another great round of IPOs. Let’s look at some notable things.

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What exactly is an IPO?

Ann Initial Public Offering (IPO) It occurs when the stock of a private company is first listed on the stock exchange and is available for purchase by the general public.

The main purpose of an IPO is to raise funds for a company.

This capital can be used for a variety of purposes. This includes geographical and product expansion, debt and debt settlement, and more.

How many IPOs have you had so far this year?

So far, 2021 has been a bright red year for a UK IPO.

According to financial services firm EY, the first quarter of 2021 raised more money through an IPO than any other opening quarter since 2007.

The total amount raised in the quarter was £ 5.6bn, more than half of the £ 9.4bn raised in 2020 as a whole.

Of this, £ 5.2 billion comes from 12 initial public offerings (IPOs) on the London Stock Exchange’s major markets, and £ 441 million comes from the alternative investment market (AIM) for small and medium-sized businesses.

The high number of IPOs in the first quarter of 2021 contrasted with the same period last year, when there were three initial public offerings in London’s major markets and two in the AIM market.

The engineering department has led the responsibility of the IPO. Many companies in this sector were quarantined (or prospered) during the blockage as consumers turned to online services.

According to EY, the increase in UK IPO activity, which began in late 2020, is expected to continue as confidence in the post-pandemic economic situation continues and UK credibility as an international leader continues to be strong.

Which is the most notable UK IPO in the future?

IG has identified eight upcoming IPOs in the UK that investors should pay attention to.

Below is a list of these IPOs and their estimated market capitalization.



Estimated market capitalization


EG group

£ 10 billion



£ 4.4-5.1bn


Oxford Nanopore Technologies

£ 2.3 billion


Jaguar Land Rover

£ 2 billion



£ 1.5bn



£ 1.2 billion



£ 1.1bn


McLaren Group

£ 560m

How can I invest in an IPO?

Individual investors interested in participating in future UK IPOs can participate through brokers that have access to them.

One of the top options in this regard IG..

When you open Share trading account with IGBefore the official IPO, you will have the opportunity to buy shares of a particular company at the same time as an institutional investor.

You will receive an allotment of shares on the day of the IPO and will be able to trade shares once they are fully listed.

Is it a good idea to invest in an IPO?

Well, it depends on your risk appetite.

Some IPOs can do well and bring great benefits to investors. Others can be disappointed and potentially costly. A typical example of an IPO where things went wrong is Deliveroo.Company’s Stock price plummeted 30% Following that list.

The most important thing to do before buying an IPO stock is to research the foundations of the company and its business. Documents such as prospectuses and admissions can provide you with the information you need and give you an idea of ​​whether the company is a good investment choice.

Keep in mind that a company that is a good investment is still a good investment after an IPO. So for novice investors, it may actually be best to wait until the IPO is over. By that time, the hype had disappeared, inventory was stable, and it had found its true value.

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8 Upcoming UK IPOs | MyWalletHero

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