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A book claiming that U.S. generals have taken “secret actions” to prevent Donald Trump from using nuclear weapons

Top army U.S. generals were forced to take secret actions to prevent Donald Trump Insist on a book that tells everything new from using nuclear weapons during his time at the White House.

In their new book, Danger, Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa say General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has confirmed that Trump cannot launch nuclear weapons. ..

The book itself is made up of more than 200 interviews with key witnesses to the covered event.Trump is portrayed as a desperate madman trying to stick to the office after losing the election Joe Biden..

The book claims that General Milly confirmed that the decision on the military attack had passed him.

General Millie reportedly held a secret meeting at the Pentagon two days later after the Capitol riots on January 6th, believing that Trump could be “illegal” and attacked the military. It reports that it has changed the starting method. CNN..

He probably told the war room that nothing would happen unless he was involved. According to the book, he told officials, “No matter what you say, you do the procedure. You do the procedure. And I am part of that procedure.”

U.S. generals have taken
On January 6, a crowd of Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol after being defeated in the election.

The authors considered the agreement a “swearing” by General Milly, and after the January 6 riots, General Milly “did not feel absolute confidence that the army could control or trust Trump, which as a senior army. I believed it was his job. ” An officer who thinks unthinkable and takes all necessary precautions. “

The book also claims that there were concerns within the military circle that Trump might blame the Americans for diverting them from his loss.

U.S. generals have taken
General Millie was afraid that if nuclear weapons remained in Trump’s hands, he could have launched an accidental war, the author writes.

CIA Director Gina Haspel, who resigned on January 19, is said to have been worried about a possible attack on Iran.

General Millie himself allegedly spoke with Chinese officials concerned about the uproar in Washington.

Another section of danger claims to shed light on the conversation between Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as the president tried to force his understudy to overturn the election results.

U.S. generals have taken
The book claims that Trump was furious with the White House staff after being defeated by Biden in the election.

Trump is said to have been furious after Pence’s refusal on a round trip to the Oval Office on January 5. Don’t do this.

“If you don’t do that, I chose the wrong person four years ago.

“You are going to weaken.”

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A book claiming that U.S. generals have taken "secret actions" to prevent Donald Trump from using nuclear weapons

Source link A book claiming that U.S. generals have taken "secret actions" to prevent Donald Trump from using nuclear weapons

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