A chilling moment when a man trips over a teenage killer in ambush with a sword and stabs him to the heart

This is the chilling moment when a man encounters a teenage murderer lying seconds before he is stabbed to death.

17-year-old Emad Mir chases after fatally stabbed On August 6th last year, 18-year-old Ghulam Sadik lives in Leytonstone, East London.


Emad Mir headed to the scene bravely carrying a giant knifeCredit: Central News
Ghulam Sadiq, 18, was killed in an unprovoked attack


Ghulam Sadiq, 18, was killed in an unprovoked attackCredit: P.A.


Mia, now 18, was sentenced to life in prison at the Old Bailey today.Credit: P.A.

CCTV footage showed Mia riding her bike down a residential street. proudly holds a giant zombie knife on his right hand.

He turned a side street and dropped his bike on the floor, hiding weapons I pulled my pants down.

Seconds later, Gram also appears on the same street on a bicycle, turning and attempting to cycle away after Mia brandishes a knife.

But Mia, now 18, grabbed the victim and stabbed him in the back, leaving Gram with a 15-centimeter-deep cut through his heart.

He managed to stagger to a nearby restaurant and was given first aid by members of the public, but was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.

Meanwhile, Mia got back on her bike and left the scene. A motive for the murder has not been established.

The teenage boy from Solihull Road in the West Midlands was found guilty of murder today and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 19 years.

An investigation revealed that the teenage killer had traveled to east London from an address in Solihull, Birmingham two days before the attack.

He took a train to Stratford, then rented a bicycle and headed for Leytonstone, where he was seen by many witnesses.

Despite the sunny August day, Mia wore a hood, gloves and a surgical mask covering her face.

He turned off his cell phone before the stabbing to avoid detection, but his clothes and weapon were never recovered.

However, police tracked his movements and identified the rental bike he used after discovering that he used his cash card to make the purchase.

Mia was arrested in Walsall five days after the incident, but declined to comment on all questions during police interrogation while in custody.

However, following a trial at the Old Bailey, he was found guilty of murder on 4 April.

Mia had previously admitted possession of a knife, and GBH had admitted intent and possession of an assault weapon in connection with another incident in 2021.

In a heartbreaking tribute, Graham’s mother, Khalida Parveen, called her son “caring and a lot of fun.”

“Mr Gram was brutally murdered in broad daylight near our family home. There are no words to describe my loss and pain!”

“I will never forget that tragic day, I remember it like it was yesterday. How can I overcome the emptiness of losing my little child!”

“Gram was a very popular, caring and very fun person. He was always the center of attention and well liked by his family, friends, teachers and everyone he knew. He had so much to offer and was such a kind and gentle man’heart.

“He was very well known for his sassy demeanor, respect for elders and polite demeanor, and was known in our hometown as a very cheerful and well-behaved child. We spent time with him. I cherish every moment and have so many happy memories.”

“Gram, your short life has enriched the lives of many. You will never be forgotten.”

The murder investigation also found that Mia tried to buy a knife online using fake ID.

On July 23, he attempted to purchase a 15-inch Rambo-style knife from a website by providing a false name and fake driver’s license, but the order was rejected.

The next day, he ordered two knives advertised on another website as “Fantasy Spartan Sword Blackout Version Serrated 2 Piece Set”.

He again provided a fake name and driver’s license, but this time the order was successful and the knife was shipped to an address in Solihull.

The knife was never delivered and was abandoned at the local post office. There are no records of the knife being recovered, but police said it “has a striking resemblance” to the weapon used to stabb Graham.

“This is one of those rare cases where a motive for the crime has not been conclusively established,” said Lynda Bradley, a Metropolitan Police crime expert.

“Despite Mia’s attempt to claim absolution of responsibility, her purchase of weapons and her meticulous planning of her actions for the day indicated that this was a premeditated and intentional murder rather than an act of random violence. was done.

“The team worked quickly to identify and arrest Mia, uncovering an attempt to obtain the knife Mia used in the attack.

“I have to ask why these kinds of weapons are being sold online. yeah.

“Mr Graham’s family has now seen the man responsible for his death brought to justice, but I know their suffering and loss will be with them forever, and our thoughts are with them. I am with them.”


Mia was able to buy a giant knife online using fake IDCredit: Central News

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