A driver imprisoned for killing a pensioner in Tottenham

A driver who once killed an Irish pensioner who played the clarinet at JFK was imprisoned for 14 years today.

31-year-old Anop Singh was kicked out of the club with his companions by spraying champagne hours before hitting a 72-year-old kid in the car.

Shin hit John’Frank’Henegan at VW Golf early on August 12, 2017, and then escaped over his body.

He was convicted on Wednesday for causing death by dangerous driving and dangerous driving. In a previous trial, he was convicted of upset the path of justice.

Forensic researchers estimate that Singh must have been driving 47-76mph along the Tottenham High Road, a 30mph road.

Anopsin. Credit: SWNS

Mr. Henegan was out drinking Guinness with his friends and left them on the bus at Seven Sisters Station when he was sent 60 meters into the air by the impact of a car.

Shin then escaped from the scene and returned to his home on Jesam Avenue with a destroyed windshield and black eyes.

He called the police saying he had an accident, but didn’t know how golf got out of the house.

This is local London: John'Frank'Henegan. Credit: SWNSJohn’Frank’Henegan. Credit: SWNS

Louise Oakley, who was charged, said:

“He told the sergeant that he had smoked a few twigs.

“He didn’t call the police right away, so the police didn’t attend the address until 8am and had no breath or blood samples.”

The court heard that Shin tried to hide the blood and glass shards of his clothes by washing and drying them.

Shin was finally convicted after four trials.

This is Local London: Credit: SWNSCredit: SWNS

He has been convicted 12 times for 15 violations, including drunk driving after the murder of Mr. Henegan.

Seven juries from the trial returned to see Shin sentenced to 14 years in prison and 14 years of ban.

Originally from Kilmaine, Mayo, Hennegan played the clarinet in an Irish military band as a teenager and appeared in JFK at Shannon Airport in 1963, holding the president’s hand.

A driver imprisoned for killing a pensioner in Tottenham

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