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“A limited number of important workers” can skip self-quarantine by pinging, the government says

A “limited number” of important workers will be allowed to skip self-quarantine, even if they are “pinged,” the government says.

There was a list of jobs that were exempt from the expected quarantine rules, but instead the updated guidance states that “it is not a full tax exemption for all workers in the sector.”

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister took steps to protect critical services by relaxing the self-isolation requirements of “very few” key workers.

He spoke from his own self-isolation on Monday (July 19th) and said at a press conference: “We want to ensure that important services such as hospital and long-term staffing, food, water and electricity supplies are protected. And medicine, our train runs, our border protection, our territory. Defense-A few, very few, named, fully vaccinated important workers, the work I described. “

Tonight (Thursday), the updated guidance said: “In a few situations where close contact self-quarantine causes serious disruption to critical services, a limited number of designated workers may be able to leave self-quarantine under certain controls. The purpose of doing only important work. “

The PA reports that this policy applies only to designated workers if the employer receives a letter from the relevant government sector.

Guidance includes energy, civilian nuclear power, digital infrastructure, food production and supply, waste, water, veterinary drugs, essential chemicals, essential transportation, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical consumables, emergency services, border control, Mandatory defense, local government.

However, he adds that “in some exceptional cases” there may be important roles in other sectors that can be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

There are separate arrangements for frontline health and care staff.

A new process that allows critical workers to continue working, even when identified as contacts in coronavirus cases, will enable broader mitigation of fully vaccinated contacts August 16 Intended to be executed.

If an employer believes that the self-isolation of a particular key employee as a contact would cause serious disruption to critical services, they are required to contact the relevant government department.

Individuals identified as contacts need to participate in work only in “a key element of the country’s infrastructure”, and their absence “may lead to loss or compromise of this infrastructure” is important. Significant impact on national security if it has a “significant adverse effect” on the provision of services.

Guidance emphasizes that the process “does not cover all or even most of the workers in important sectors” and people in important rail signal roles may be exempt, but individual drivers It was suggested that it is unlikely to be applied to.

Employees will “on a daily basis” agree to a role and workplace that may meet the criteria for self-isolation tax exemption.

“If a particular case meets the criteria, the employer receives a letter from the relevant department stating the designated and nominated important workers and telling them and the measures they must take. “I will,” said the guidance.

"A limited number of important workers" can skip self-quarantine by pinging, the government says

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