A little taste of London

London is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Especially all those fans of the British accent that love intimating with sexy London escorts. If you are preparing a list of cities you want to visit, of course, London is involved in it. Are you curious to know more about what the great city offers for tourists?

If you are preparing your suitcases and do not know what clothes you should take with you on your trip to London, you should know that the weather is not as stable. Do not worry, the weather is not bad and will not stop you from following your agenda but a smart Londoner always keeps with them sunglasses and umbrella. Do not forget to put in your suitcase a jacket for each possible scenario, be it rain, scorching sun or sudden wind.

Want to know more about must go places?

Tower of London

Do not be surprised when you get there. It is one of the most visited places by tourists, though if you see it, it will not look like a tower at all. Very famous for its history, receives thousands of visitors from all over Britain. You will touch the real past of royalty, princes, and prisoners. A complete must when travelling with one of the Watford escorts.

Tower Bridge

Built between 1886 and 1894, the tower bridge is one of the most iconic symbols to visit in London. The most famous bridge in London offers a lot of activities like exhibitions, tours and even crossing under the tower with a boat for a fuller experience.

Science Museum & London’s Natural History Museum

Surely what you did not know is that the tickets for most of the museums in London are free. Also included on the list are the science museum and natural history museum. If you are an adult or you have children, you will not pay and you will explore the museums and events that occur within them.

London Eye

The London Eye is one of the newest lobbying attractions. It was built in the year 2000 as a way to celebrate the new century. The thing that is known for sure is that it has become so famous because of the look you have when you climb up there. You will be more lucky to have London in the palm of your hand as there are no skyscrapers in the city and it allows you to enjoy the full landscape, whether alone, with a partner or even a Cork escort you are on a date with.

Buckingham Palace

London, among others, is known for the queen. If you were thinking of getting a little taste of aristocracy in Buckingham Palace maybe you will be lucky to see her Majesty. This place is known as the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. If you have planned your trip during the summer you will have the opportunity to see it from the inside. In the summer of Buckingham Palace, the door opens to all visitors.

Camden Town

For all the people that love alternative subcultures, Camden Town is the best choice. This area is focused on retail, tourism and entertainment. Here are located the best street markets and futuristic fashion stores where you will find colors, club wear and live shows with dancers inside the shops.

Big Ben

The most famous clock in the world. If you want to enjoy a little history class and sight true fame you should pass close to Big Ben. When people refer to the Big Ben they mean the clock and the tower, but here is a little secret: the original name of the tower was Clock Tower and then in 2012 it was changed to Elisabeth Tower. The tower is designed in the neo-Gothic style.

Little Venice

Has anyone ever thought that you can find a little Venice inside of London? Strange, but it is true that this is a neighborhood near Central London and all the buildings here are painted in white, with terraces and all in the same style. This area is good for shopping, restaurants and theaters. Looking for adventures? Visit Little Venice.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park or known as the main park in London offers a lot of activities for visitors. This is the base for different festivals, quiet places and nature at the same time. In the era of Henry VIII this park was used as a hunting ground. In May this park offers a great show for all the visitors with a great parade for May Day.

As one of the most famous cities in the world, London offers different attractions for visitors. In this city, people will find not only history but the modern lifestyle, fun, and relaxation as well. Being part of London means a lot for everyone, this one is a life-changing experience.


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