A new crackdown on children skipping school as Zahawi calls attendance “unnegotiable”

A new “rigorous approach” to skipping children school Triggered by COVID The pandemic will be announced by the government.

Education secretary Nadim Zahawi Request school Crack down Absenteeism By making a plan about how they are dealing with the problem The Daily Telegraph report.

As he wrote in the newspaper, he said the children attending the lessons were “unnegotiable” because the government was away from the current comprehensive approach to cleansing parents.

UK schools need to develop plans to be fully operational again after Covid, including new central guidance on fine issuance.

Zahawi wrote: “There is no doubt that being in school is an integral part of a child’s learning and development, so we have an attendance policy that sets clear expectations for both staff, students and parents at school. I want to have it.

“If children are absent from school on a daily basis, it will do immense harm to their life opportunities. If absenteeism occurs, the school will take a rigorous approach to help deal with the absenteeism. That means attendance is simply non-negotiable. “

Since taking over the department in September, it has been understood that improving school enrollment is one of the Secretary of Education’s main goals. The plan will be included in a new school bill to be submitted to Congress on Thursday.

Ministry of Education sources said Telegraph: “The reason for punishing parents is not to punish them financially-it is to get Kids in school.

“If that comprehensive approach doesn’t lead to an increase in attendance, it’s right to consider not only fines, but other ways to get children back into the classroom. We’re zero against absenteeism. I’m taking a tolerant approach. “

The number of fines issued to parents has declined in recent months, and new standards will be issued on how Congress can issue fines.

The average fine given to parents is about £ 60. Fines will be issued on a case-by-case basis in the future rather than the current automated “comprehensive” approach.

A new crackdown on children skipping school as Zahawi calls attendance “unnegotiable”

Source link A new crackdown on children skipping school as Zahawi calls attendance “unnegotiable”

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