A new season has arrived

Each season, we keep up with our founder, Georgia, new pieces from the collection, including updated color palettes and sustainability innovations.

The new lingerie and pajamas collection is live! How do you feel when everyone starts to see what you’ve been working on for over a year?

“Launching a new collection is always exciting. It’s also very interesting to see which styles and colorways you like. It’s very unpredictable and you get feedback about the collection from stockers and the press. Spend a year on, and when we finally launch, our customers will always love something that is completely different from what we expected. It’s really rewarding to spend a lot of time completing the fit to the shape, launching it and receiving positive feedback, but how to improve it as needed for the next season. We also welcome less positive feedback as it helps us plan. We ultimately want to work with you and make you part of our journey. “

The color palette changes from season to season, but are there any styles redesigned or added for this new drop?

“I’ve added some new bodysuit shapes. I love the flexibility to be able to wear a bodysuit not only under your clothes, but also on some of your clothes. Good outerwear. Finding a bodysuit for clothing can be difficult, because many brands make bodysuits in a factory that usually produces clothing, not in a factory that specializes in lingerie production. What makes our bodysuits different is the fact that you can wear them as part of your outfit, but they are produced in a very technical way by bra experts. Therefore, the overall construction of the cup, wire, and bodysuit provides the type of fit you would expect from a good bra. I love the simplicity of the new organic cotton bodysuit. Subtly sexy. is.”

Nightwear is a new category of Dora Larsen. What did you do to move on from the original collection released in May?

“I always like to keep things simple and focused, so I changed some shapes to new colors from the first season, but added a new long-sleeved shirt to the range of frills (the coming cold season). Indispensable for!). For a brand new design, we are excited to launch a new organic cotton poplin jama set with a combination of two signature colors. The box-shaped fit is very cute and very comfortable to wear. is.”

Sustainability remains one of our biggest pillars as a brand. Are there any changes to this season’s collection that have further evolved the product in this area?

“Of particular note is the introduction of recycled rubber in more than half of our lingerie. Due to the high minimum order quantity of fabric suppliers, it is difficult to manufacture products using recycled rubber and the products are You need to order certain types of recycled yarn long before it is manufactured. However, we are now proud to be one of the few lingerie brands that offer recycled rubber and grow the brand. We plan to introduce them to all other areas as we do. “

Do you have a personal favorite shape, color or piece?

“This particular drop is very hard to say because it’s one of my absolute favorites so far. I love Thea’s underwire bras and organic cotton high waist nickers, Orla. I’m definitely treating myself with my triangle bra. I’ve lived mostly in padded triangle bras and have been doing that for a few years now! When it comes to sleepwear, I’m crazy about organic cotton poplin sets. Molly is my favorite color. I’m a big fan of lemon yellow. “

Find out more about Dora Larsen on the brand page.

A new season has arrived

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