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A simple vehicle breakdown that can ruin your summer vacation

Highways England urges drivers to make sure they have checked certain parts of the vehicle, rather than risking ruining their summer vacation.

UK roads are expected to be congested this year as more vacationers choose staycations. COVID Restrictions that interfere with overseas travel.

And driver You have been warned to check the tire pressure before starting a long drive this summer.

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Highways England estimates that tire problems cause one-fifth of highway breakdowns, with only 17% of drivers checking before embarking on a long journey.

Patrol traffic police Major highways Root urged people to perform this simple test.

Siobhan Wares said: “It only takes a few minutes to check the tire pressure before going on a day trip or stay this summer, which saves time and money in the long run. You and your family can safely reach your destination. Check your car before you go. “

The advice for Highways England drivers is to check tire pressure and tire condition, including spare tires, before embarking on a long journey.

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The guidance is to make sure that the minimum tread depth of the tire is 1.6mm, paying particular attention to cuts and wear. This is a legal limitation.

The driver stopped by police Using illegal tires can result in a fine of £ 2,500 and 3 penalty points per tire.

To check your tire pressure, the driver can visit the front yard of most fuel and service stations that have an air machine to check and inflate your tire pressure.

Studies have shown that nearly one-third of drivers are unsure about checking tire pressure. In addition, the CEO of the National Tire Distribution Association advises those who are not confident in seeking professional guidance.

“More than ever, it’s imperative that drivers check their tires on a regular basis and ask a professional tire technician to inspect them if they have doubts about their durability,” said Stephen Hay. ..

This initiative is welcomed by people in the automotive industry because driving with properly inflated tires reduces braking distance, is easier to maneuver and is environmentally friendly.

Admiral’s head of motors, Claire Eagan, said car activity has slowed recently as a result of Covid’s regulations. That’s why it’s more important than ever to check your car before you embark on a journey.

She states: “Fuel, oil, coolant, screen wash levels, and most importantly, it’s important to take some time before leaving to check the tires.

Tire punctures are inconvenient at best and, in the worst case, very dangerous. A flat tire while driving can make the car very difficult to control and can lead to an accident. “

If you have a problem with your vehicle and can’t leave the freeway, Highways England’s advice is to always go to the left on the emergency area, shoulder, highway service, or shoulder.

But if that’s not possible and you stop in the live lane or feel that your life is at stake, you’ll need to stay in the car with your seatbelts and hazard lights on and call 999 immediately. ..

For more information on checking tires, see Highways England’s official advice. Here

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A simple vehicle breakdown that can ruin your summer vacation

Source link A simple vehicle breakdown that can ruin your summer vacation

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