A strange “cheeseburger fish” discovered by a Russian fisherman

Introduction of “Cheeseburger Fish” (Credit: Jam Press)

A Russian fisherman has found a fish like a cheeseburger.

Fedortsov, 39, from Rome, works daily on commercial trawlers and encounters all kinds of marine life.

He documented some of his more unusual discoveries and began posting them on Instagram.

As you can imagine, the internet likes it.

This latest discovery is called “Toothed Cheeseburger” by Fedortsov followers. And it got almost 12,000 likes.

Alongside the cheeseburger fish, I also posted pictures of deep-sea residents who look like cartoon characters.

This is a weird looking guy (credit: Jam Press)
You don’t want to see this while you’re out for a swim (credit: Jam Press)

Fedortsov found most creatures in the Norwegian and Barents Seas of northern Russia, but also found some strange-looking beasts deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite their strange appearance, Fedortsov himself does not consider them ugly.

He said: “In their own way, all of these creatures are beautiful.”

All creatures are beautiful (credit: jam press)

You can check all of the strange discoveries of Rome Click here for his Instagram account..

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A strange "cheeseburger fish" discovered by a Russian fisherman

Source link A strange "cheeseburger fish" discovered by a Russian fisherman

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