A thriving format puts together a cast of stars in the T20 World Cup | T20 World Cup

NSFive and a half years have passed since Carlos Brathwaite hosted the last Twenty20 World Cup. To the most unusual conclusionThe time when the roots of the format were strengthened, the canopy prospered, and the star blossomed.

In 2009, 49 officially licensed international T20s were played in 12 countries. In 2019, a year before the pandemic, 307 games were played in 71 countries, from Argentina to Pakistan, Portugal and Peru to Zimbabwe. A neat demonstration of its ubiquity is that in the first week of this tournament, the qualifying process for the next tournament, scheduled to begin in Australia in October 2022, is fully underway in the regional tournaments in Spain and Rwanda.

The action of Elite Twenty20 came to us with an uninterrupted wave at IPL Closing in Dubai last Friday And that World Cup starting in Oman Within 48 hours. But even if the early stages of this competition stimulated them further, there is no sense of appetite being satisfied. Tournaments can always be disappointing. It’s a lack of confusion, drama moments, and pure skill demonstrations. However, despite a few notable absences, he had an astonishing IPL, but this time, given the evergreen 37-year-old Fuff du Presis, who was robbed by South Africa. Did not seem so. What’s in the United Arab Emirates Emirates is certainly the largest collection of Limited Over Cricket practitioners ever gathered.

Sure enough, the first upset happened on the first day. Scotland defeats Group B’s favorite Bangladesh, And on the second day, Ireland overcame the Netherlands. Curtis Campher gathered four wickets on four balls, and there was another upset, if not exactly the same size. As the opening of the tournament progressed, this wasn’t the case to roll the ball enough to fly it. The Scottish then defeated Papua New Guinea and defeated Oman on Thursday to confirm progress. Group 2 will join India and Bangladesh will accompany England in Group 1.

On Saturday, competition will move to another level with the launch of Super 12 and the introduction of the world’s highest ranked countries. The format has changed since 2016, and the older Super 10 is itself an extended version of Super 8 prior to 2012 and has been extended again. What this means is more matches, and therefore less danger: only once, and it was 2010, there are sides who have gone through this stage of losing twice, but this time it is.

It’s more sporty to be consistent and feature the best teams at a later stage, but this is a form defined by the speed and brutality of defeats appearing and attacking. There was something suitable for the tournament that reflected that.

India started out as a favorite and its resource depth was overwhelming, allowing it to leave two major T20 wicket takers, Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, at home over the last five years. Instead, they rely on the 22-year-old leg spinner Rahul Chahar. Rahul Chahar needs to thrive against Mohammad Rizwan in Pakistan and Glen Phillips in New Zealand, who won more T20 international runs in 2021 than anyone else. , 2021 major T206 batter.

South Africa’s Tabraiz Shamsi is the number one bowler in the world. Photo: Garo Images / Getty Images

It would be a big surprise if India failed to make progress from Group 2, but there is little else that can be reliably predicted. Part of the appeal of this group is how Afghanistan gets in after the turmoil it suffered from preparation.

The current champion and the only team to win the tournament more than once, the West Indies is an experienced team led by the explosive Kieron Pollard, the oldest of the three 40s in the tournament, 42 years old. Featuring Chris Gale. At least two of England, Australia and South Africa must not spawn in order for them to spawn from Group 1.

After a few years of poverty, Protea is a left-handed wrist spinner who has grown up to be a magician, participating in tournaments in a wonderful way, and in the eyes of many batters, the world’s top bowler is a tablite siamese. I’m in Shi. Being one.

England has been weakened by the injuries of Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer, but I hope their batting lineup is strong enough to make up for it. Australia urgently needs David Warner to recover from his miserable form. 3 Runs – If you win for the first time.

One of the perennial cricket problems that doesn’t matter this year is rain, but the meteorological aspects to deal with are different. The game will start at 2 pm local time (11:00 am BST) or 6 pm local time. That is, players play in the entire UAE’s heat-hot furnace, or in the evening when the sun is less of an issue but the dew is one. This is of particular concern to India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan will start the game late to catch the golden time viewing time at home.

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This made Toss so important that 21 of the 31 IPL games in the UAE this year came in second in side batting. But if dew benefits the batter, the pitch is probably not, and tends to be low and slow, as all three are still in use – out of 25 grounds hosting more than 14 T20 International. The three super 12 venues are ranked 20, 22, and 23 in the run per over.

Evidence at the opening group stage suggests that even with low scores, interest and excitement are not.

A thriving format puts together a cast of stars in the T20 World Cup | T20 World Cup

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