A track worker is hit by a metropolitan subway line near Chalfont and Latimer station


The track workers were hit by rush hour metropolitan area linetube Reports on Monday revealed that he suffered head and body injuries.

The worker was hit at around 9:30 am on April 15, 2015, while conducting inspections near Chalfont and Latimer station.

independent research Railway Accident Investigation Bureau (RAIB) criticized London Underground, saying that “elements” of its organizational culture “did not support effective management of the safety of track workers”.

Investigation revealed that the worker had been recruited by the agency, but was not familiar with the site and had not received an adequate safety briefing on the day.

Chalfont and Latimer subway entrances

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Just as the train was about to overtake her, the employee moved out of safety and into the path of the oncoming train to get a better view of the tracks ahead.

She was walking with her back to the train and was hit at 47 mph. Because she didn’t know that trains could approach the line next to her from either direction.

The worker was discharged from the hospital later that day but “continues to suffer from the effects of the accident,” he said.

“This incident is a worrying reminder that more work remains to be done to reduce the likelihood of track workers coming into contact with trains on some sections of the railroad,” said Andrew Hall, chief inspector of the railroad accident. It’s something that should happen,” he said.

“It is unacceptable to have staff working on an open track without being fully aware of the directions from which trains may enter.”

Inspectors said temporary workers often felt unable to compete with underground workers due to a “power gap.”

They also expressed concern that some designated safe areas on the Metropolitan Line were sometimes obstructed and unusable. However, this was not the cause of the accident.

TfL The company is now said to try to “minimize” the number of on-track inspections by staff during traffic hours.

“Safety has always been our number one priority, so a railroad employee was struck by a Metropolitan Line train during an inspection of the tracks near Chalfont and Latimer Station,” said Lily Matson, Chief Safety, Health and Environmental Officer at TfL. I was very worried about being hit,” he said.

“Fortunately their injuries were limited, but it must have been a very upsetting experience and our thoughts are with them.

“As with any railroad accident, we immediately notified the Railroads and Roads Authority (ORR) and the Railroad Accident Investigation Bureau (RAIB), in addition to our own investigation.

“We will now review the results of the RAIB report and have already taken a number of steps to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/track-worker-hit-by-metropolitan-line-tube-near-chalfont-and-latimer-station-b1081132.html A track worker is hit by a metropolitan subway line near Chalfont and Latimer station

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