A word about Angelika Józefczyk

Angelika Józefczyk is a Polish fashion designer who has developed her own brand Angelika Józefczyk globally and launched OTTHIE this year.

“” […] For designers under the age of 30, who launched their first brand six years ago, the most important thing is to manage the brand as if there were no geographical boundaries. I would like to see the clothes worn by women all over the world. Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, and other countries. We live in a high-tech internet era where we have access to almost all the information, and I want to be like this. As a family of Polish third generation tailors, I have always had a fashion spirit in me. So whatever my life idea was, it was always related to fashion and business. As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved to browse fashion and travel magazines such as ELLE, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. It has always inspired me. I decided to combine Polish economic business with fashion design research. I’m lucky because I had the opportunity to turn my passion for fashion into a real job as an owner of two brands. I graduated from the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw and the International Business at the University of Lodz. My Fashion Diploma Collection is the most award-winning collection of the year and won first place at the 18th International Designers Competition in 2016 at OFF Fashion Poland. In addition, my collection is Armani. My collection is on display at major Polish fashion events, including Polish Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland. The last collection of collection SS’22 will be held in Rome and the next collection will be presented in Berlin. I’m also thinking about Milan and Dubai. -Angelika Józefczyk

Clothes labeled Angelika Józefczyk are also enthusiastically selected by clients outside Poland, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Locally, the collection is available in London, Los Angeles, Dubai and Warsaw. As a designer, he works with celebrities and celebrities in the world of music, film and television.

The brand created by Angelika Józefczyk is dedicated to the demanding quality and uniqueness of women. Women who choose designer clothing know the fashion trends of the season, but do not blindly follow the highlighted trends and choose only the ones that best suit their personality. Shopping often chooses timeless cuts rather than their hobby, but with interesting colors. The brand is expressive, breaks down barriers and dresses up individuals who play in fashion. AJ women are travelers, free profession representatives, or those who occupy a higher position and seek inspiration in the daily life of travel. She loves meeting new people, celebrating moments with them, and making beautiful memories. The place of residence is not important to her as long as she can work and socialize there. Her age is just a number. She adheres to the principle that women become more expressive with age. If it is black, the accent is strong and broken. For T-shirts, only well-cut jackets. She doesn’t like overpayment, but she doesn’t look down on his whims. She travels a lot, but most of the time she goes on vacations and weekends touring Europe. She loves champagne and martini with vodka, but she happens to take a sip of male cognac. The style he expresses is suitable not only for modern femme fatale, but also for modern female entrepreneurs who create their own reality.

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A word about Angelika Józefczyk

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