ABN AMro Pilot Remote Working Platform

As we address the impact of pandemics on office life, ABN Amro is piloting a platform that will help large enterprise employees find the right remote workspace.

ABN AMRO is exploring new collaboration options, as many companies have determined that they are not just returning to their post-pandemic offices.

Keeping in mind that working from home is not suitable for everyone, banks help people working in large corporations find workstations near their homes that are easily accessible by public transport. Developed the platform.

The Green Desk app allows employees at participating companies to find and book workspaces in external coworking spaces or shared corporate offices.

Pilots involving three companies, including banks and PwC, are already in operation, with GreenDesk in Amsterdam, The Hague, Harlem, Leiden, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Floristen Duis, ABN AMro’s Innovation Manager and Green Desk Initiator, said the project not only provides practical support, but also “provides opportunities for experts from different disciplines and backgrounds to create new contacts.” It states.

ABN AMro Pilot Remote Working Platform

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