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According to entertainment developers, the Giants Park will be “ravaged” by a food waste recycling plant.

The proposal for a plant next to Belfast Lough to convert food waste into electricity faces opposition from groups wanting to turn the area into an entertainment park.

An application for a centralized anaerobic digestion (CAD) plant off the coast of Dargan Road is in harsh opposition from Giants Park Ltd, a group hoping to turn 250 acres of its 340 acre development site into a leisure, commercial and sports complex. Facing

Despite the approval recommendations from the Belfast City Council planners, the recycling plant proposal received two oppositions from Giants Park and the Belfast Harbor Group.

They say the factory not only undermines investment in leisure sites due to noise, odor and visual comfort issues, but also negatively impacts new movie studios.

The proposed £ 40m plant location is located northwest of the existing Belfast City Council Waste Relay Station, opposite Belfast Harbor Film Studios on the north foreshore of Belfast Lough.

The proposal includes the creation of 350 jobs for construction and an additional 22 permanent jobs. There was no objection from the statutory body.

The applicant, a representative of the Energia Group, faced questions from the councilors at this week’s pre-decision hearing of the Belfast Council Planning Committee. The councilor asked for more information about where food waste comes from and the effects of ammonia from the factory.

The Giants Park Entertainment Park project manager told the elected representatives during the filing of the appeal: This process requires a great deal of time and money. “

He said the general feedback on the entertainment park proposal was “very positive” and that if the anaerobic digestion system was approved, it would “significantly impact the site’s vision.”

He added: “We were advised on two major commercial and leisure real estate agents, CBRE and Colliers International, that it would be impossible to attract investors and potential tenants as the plant progresses. They both confirmed. “

He said the plant “will devastate the site for years to come.”

SDLP Councilor Carl Whyte appeared on the committee as a guest, informing him of his opposition to the CAD plant.

Proposed plant

He states: “The visual impact and location are not right. There is a lack of demand-it is well known that companies in this market are not at full capacity. It is also clear where this waste comes from. Not. “

Council officials told elected representatives that speculative impacts on future entertainment venues should not guide factory decisions. Given that entertainment facilities are “very early in the application process,” executives said, “this relationship should be given a limited weight.”

The officer said: “We carefully examined the environmental impact on the movie studio. This is very much considered in the application.”

He said the noise assessment using housing standards was done in a movie studio and the council’s environmental health team concluded that “there was no negative impact on noise.” Police said there was no economic impact as a result.

Site elevation

At this week’s meeting, councilors were not asked to make a decision. The full application will be reviewed and decided by the Planning Committee at a later date.

For more information on reference numbers, see the NI Planning Portal.

According to entertainment developers, the Giants Park will be "ravaged" by a food waste recycling plant.

Source link According to entertainment developers, the Giants Park will be "ravaged" by a food waste recycling plant.

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