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Activists concerned about the amount of cereal sugar sold to children

Campaign participants have expressed concern about the amount of sugar in cereals sold to children.

According to a survey of Action on Sugar and Action on Salt, a survey of 126 breakfast cereals packaged with children’s images such as cartoons and bright colors found that 92% contained high or medium amounts of sugar. (Increased from 91% last year). As part of the Food Foundation’s Broken Plate report.

Almost half (43%) of the cereals surveyed contained chocolate, so campaign group Action on Sugar asked them to take it out of the breakfast cereal aisle and put it in the confectionery aisle instead.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London-based Actionon Sugar and Actionon Salt have “unfortunately stagnated” progress in re-prescribing products in line with government guidance, the PA reports.

Approximately 60% had moderate or high salt content compared to 59% in 2020, but 45% had less fiber, up from 38% in 2020.

Both Action on Sugar and Action on Salt urge all cereal makers to promise to remove child-friendly images from unhealthy product packaging to tackle the nasty forces of improving health. ..

Previous Broken Plate reports showed improvements in the nutritional profile of breakfast cereals, but the new 2021 data show no changes in saturated fat, salt, or fiber content.

The only obvious improvement was in sugar content, which was only slightly reduced from 18.4g / 100g in 2020 to 18.0g / 100g in 2021.

Dr. Kawather Hashem, a nutritionist who is the campaign leader for Action on Sugar, said:

“It is expected that there will be restrictions on online and TV ads for foods high in fat, salt and sugar, but this has not yet been applied to packages that may appeal to children. This is a big deal. It’s a concern.

“For too long, foods with health problems have been in the limelight and are not only unethical but also scandalous. Food companies are healthy foods to play a leading role in children’s diets. And drinks should have a child-friendly package. “

Anna Taylor, Executive Director of the Food Foundation, said: I still have a lot to do.

“Progress is simply not happening fast enough, and it is worrisome to see the fiber content of these grains remain low. In order for us to protect the future health of our children, with the government Bold action is required from both companies, but it’s not impossible. “

Activists concerned about the amount of cereal sugar sold to children

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