Activists jet wash the message of the Silvertown tunnel to the riverbank

Local activists jetwashed the message “Stop The Tunnel” on the banks of the Thames near the proposed route of the Silvertown Tunnel.

The message was jet-washed in the block’s capital on the banks of the Thames near where the tunnel was built, and authorities were later seen removing graffiti from the riverbank.

Campaign participants said this was “a taste of what comes as anger grows” about Transport for London’s decision to allow the controversial crossroads across the Thames to move forward. I will.

£ 1.2bn project with Silvertown Greenwich The peninsula has been the subject of long-standing controversy, with opponents claiming it is incompatible with environmental objectives.

The Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition isn’t behind the stunts, but says it welcomes the actions of local activists.

They call the tunnel “a malicious climate-destroying highway with its own HGV lane.”

Protesters said: Through, “Victoria Lance of the suspension of the Silvertown Tunnel Union said.

“The local community opposes it, doctors and healthcare professionals oppose it, local lawmakers oppose it, young people in black and minority communities oppose it, and climate scientists oppose it.

“This is a project that is not exactly in line with the current climate emergency,” she said.

Opposition group Stop the Silvertown Tunnel claims that the project undermines the mayor’s own 2030 carbon-neutral goal and his goal of increasing cycling and walking in the capital.

The group also raised concerns that tunnels could bring more traffic and pollution to 80% of Newham’s black and ethnic areas.

The multinational consortium won a contract from Transport for London in November.

Riverlinx will invest private capital to fund the project and receive repayments via tunnel vehicle tolls under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

The mayor’s office said that introducing tolls into the Blackwall and Silvertown tunnels would “handle congestion, improve overall air quality, and provide the coveted additional bus service across the river. It plays an important role in the above. ”

According to a campaign group, a London-wide survival poll conducted at the end of last year found that a clear majority (60%) of Londoners took the place when asked if there should be an additional car tunnel across the Thames. He said he should invest in improving public transport, safer cycling and walking.

As it prepares to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow later this year, the government will lead the fight against climate change this week for a recent decision on a megaproject that will impede Britain’s efforts. I was attacked by a UN person. To achieve the net zero carbon emissions target.

“The same is true for the Greater London Council and the Mayor of London, which destroys London’s potential to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement, not to mention the new goals set at COP26 by maintaining contaminated megatunnels. “Simon Pilani, a senior researcher at the Oxford Energy Institute, said.

Activists jet wash the message of the Silvertown tunnel to the riverbank

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