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Adele says the new fitness regime wasn’t about losing weight, it was about tackling anxiety.

Adele Talking for the first time about her recent weight loss, she argued that intentional slimming was never her intention.

Instead, the Grammy-winning star said her new look was the result of a fierce new fitness regime after she began to work harder to help her fight anxiety.

On Thursday, Hello singer announced two brand new covers for England When We A version of Vogue with two separate interviews.

In each of them, Adele tackled various problems, From divorce with ex-husband Simon Koneki The recent death of her father, and Her new album And her work Glenfell United Campaign group.

She also discussed the loss of “100 pounds” during her time from the spotlight over the past few years, and, in fact, the public reaction to her weight loss.

NS British epidemic, Adele first talked about how many people do it.Looking at her slim frame, she said she “lost the plot” and revealed that the physical changes actually took place in “two years.”

“It was because of my anxiety,” she began. “Working out makes me feel better.

“It was never to lose weight, it was always getting stronger and giving myself as much time every day without my phone. I got pretty addicted to it. I’m 1 I exercise a couple of times a day. “

Steven Meisel / British Vogue

Adele painted in British fashion

Adele elaborated on her personal system and continued: When I was doing that, I was basically unemployed. And I do it with the trainer … Not feasible for many.

“But I had to be addicted to something to get my heart right. It might have been knitting, but it wasn’t. Because I didn’t share the’journey’. , People were shocked. They’re used to people who document everything on Instagram, and most people in my position will do a lot with diet brands.

“I couldn’t give a flying f ** k. I did it for myself, but not for anyone else. So why do I share it? I don’t think it’s fascinating. It’s my body. “

“100 percent of the articles written about me were absolutely fake,” Adele said of the flood of tabloid news articles about her weight loss over the past two years.

“The people who came out were like’I trained her.’I’ve never met in my life. I don’t like it. I can’t get over it,” she added.

“If anything, I’m working so hard that I eat more than before. And again, everything like” Get’s Revenge Body “… oh yeah. Suck my penis! ridiculous. “

Adele details her response to weight loss to the American magazine, stating: Not just now. I understand why it’s a shock. I understand why some women were particularly hurt.

“Visually I represented many women, but I’m still the same person.”

She added: “The most cruel conversation was made by another woman about my body. I was very disappointed with it. It hurt my feelings.”

Adele is now Preparing for the release of her new single Easy On Me, New work for the first time in almost 6 years.

The track is the lead single from her long-awaited fourth studio album, 30, and she’s still talking for a long time.

“I feel this album is self-destructive,” she told British Vogue. “Then, introspection, and a kind of self-reimbursement. But I feel ready. I want you to hear me this time.”

Adele covers both the November issue of Vogue and British Vogue, the latter appearing on the newsstand on October 8th.Read her interview with both publications completely on their website here When here..

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Adele says the new fitness regime wasn’t about losing weight, it was about tackling anxiety.

Source link Adele says the new fitness regime wasn’t about losing weight, it was about tackling anxiety.

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