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After an “unacceptable” payment error, a care worker was forced to borrow money from his family

Merseyside care workers claimed that they had to borrow money from their families after being mistakenly paid by their employer, and another worker said the problem of underpayment had driven them out of the sector. ..

Caregivers working in the Lifeways Group, which operates care homes in both Liverpool and Liverpool WirralRaises the issue of underpayment, and Unison suggests it is a problem for many workers.

In a survey of long-term care workers in the northwest conducted by Unison, 72% of respondents reported that they had been paid the wrong amount in the last six months.

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According to the union, 26% said they were paid incorrectly each month.

However, Lifeways is unaware of these numbers and states that it has a very serious obligation regarding staff salaries.

A long-term care worker employed by the Lifeways Group, who wants to remain anonymous, said: I absolutely love the people who work with my job, but I’m absolutely tired of having to chase Lifeways almost every month to get the right wages.

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“The payday is very stressful and I’m afraid I have to look at my pay slips.

“I have a compassionate responsibility and monthly underpayments affect me. I have almost bills because I have unpaid wages and have had to borrow money from my family for the past few months. I can’t afford to pay. “

They also talked about the hassle of organizing the problem.

The caregiver added: “I really don’t know what the impact of Lifeways is. [paying] The staff has the wrong wages.

“I want to pay the wages that should be paid on time every month, but I don’t ask too many questions.

“I don’t want to always fill out a wage inquiry form and pressure my boss to track wages. It’s completely unacceptable.”

The impact of wage issues on mental health was highlighted by a colleague’s long-term care worker who wanted to remain anonymous.

They say: “I’ve been working at Lifeways for over 10 years. I’m afraid of my daily payday because I’m afraid I’ll be underpaid because this happens most months now.

“The anxiety this causes to me is horrifying. It could take six or seven months to finally get what I had to pay. I only work 20 hours, which is paid at the national minimum wage. My wages should be easy for Lifeways to pay correctly.

“I expect to be paid only for the hours I work. No more, no less. Companies often ignore wage inquiry forms and get what I’m legitimately borrowing. I have to call the manager many times to get in. At one point I was almost £ 500 out of my pocket. “

Due to wage issues, long-term care workers have decided to quit their jobs.

They added: “Lifeways does not respect its employees and does not care about the impact of underpayment on people’s lives.

“I have lost control of my anxiety and is causing anxiety, so I decided to quit the long-term care industry for this reason.

“I have been in care for 34 years and am dedicated to providing excellent care to those who support me.

“This is a very sad situation and I can’t believe that a big company like Lifeways can continue to treat its employees this way.”

Unison’s research suggested that these concerns were not separated.

Forty-four percent of those who are mispaid are behind their household bills, and 57 percent are forced to seek financial assistance from family and friends.

Looking at the stress it causes, the study also found that 71% of paid people said they had a negative impact on their health and 41% said they had an impact on their relationships with their partners and children.

Dance Miss, the organizer of the Unison Northwest region, said: At least they deserve to be paid accurately and on time.

“It’s an insult that our staff have low wages every month (hundreds of pounds) and are forced to borrow from friends and family or visit food banks to earn income.

“Lifeways needs to take immediate action to ensure that staff are paid properly and on time. Local governments that outsource to Lifeways also intervene and treat social care workers with the respect they deserve. You need to be able to do it.

“Long-term care workers directly employed by the local government or local government NHS You don’t suffer the resentment of having to beg your employer to pay correctly each month.

“This is even more evidence of the failure of the private social welfare sector and the urgent need for social welfare services provided by the public sector.”

A Lifeways spokesperson said:

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“We take our colleagues’ salary obligations very seriously.

“We are very committed to ensuring that all our colleagues are paid correctly and on time. We actively encourage employees to contact us in the event of a problem.

“All colleagues have direct access to the payroll help desk and managers who have the authority to resolve issues without delay.

“We are always trying to improve the way we work, and we will continue to do so.”

After an "unacceptable" payment error, a care worker was forced to borrow money from his family

Source link After an "unacceptable" payment error, a care worker was forced to borrow money from his family

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