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After taking a 250-mile round trip to the famous Chippy and finding it closed, Dad was “a little disappointed.”

Dad drove his four kids on a 250-mile round trip and enjoyed lunch at the world-famous Binley Mega Chippy, which closed. Simon Harris visited TikTok’s famous takeaway with four children: Luke (7 years old), Emma (5 years old), James (4 years old), and Thomas (1 year old).

The family drove 125 miles from their home in Hockley, Essex to a store in Binley, Coventry on Sunday, June 12. At the famous red and yellow eateries.

38-year-old Simon said: Luke and Emma love watching TikTok videos.

“I’ve saved a lot of videos for them to watch. There was one point where I couldn’t move to the Binley MegaChippy video for that catchy song.

“I wanted to go there early the day before the store closed. Obviously there were four or five people who did the same.

“There’s a sign that says it’s closed on Sundays, but it’s open at Google. To be fair, we’re glad we were there. I’m glad the kids took it very well, It was great to be there and take a few pictures of it.

“The owner came out, thanked me for the support and didn’t believe in the popularity of the place. I was a little disappointed.

“In the end, it wasn’t a wasteful trip because I walked around there and ate a huge pizza.”

Bin Lee Mega Chippy Owner Kamar Gandhi

Gandhi, 70, the owner of Binly Mega Chippy, recorded a 30% profit after thousands of fans landed in Chippy last month. He has been taking out for 30 years, but Gandhi, who took over Binley Mega Chippy seven months ago, said:

“Everyone who comes here is very excited. We love to serve what they want: great food. I hope they come back, not the hot pot flash. ”

Since Chippy’s globalization, Gandhi, who runs takeaway, and his strong family of ten have had customers who want to try his grabs far away from Australia and Texas.

Simon runs his own blog page, Man Behaving Badly, and admits that he’s been messed up online since he failed his chippy trip.

He states:

“The kids wanted to be there. These days I can’t do anything on the internet or in general. I don’t know what it is, it’s just a day with the kids.

“I didn’t go out for afternoon tea with the Taliban, I just went out.”

Binley Mega Chippy has welcomed people both inside and outside the UK since business-focused videos and memes began to become viral with millions of views. It’s unclear why the West Midlands chippy became world-famous in a few days, but it seems to have been triggered by a catchy fan-made jingle.

You can see young people waiting in line to sample the £ 4.99 Morbius meal of fish, chips and mushy peas singing the theme song outside the store. When TikTok’s food reviewers posted the best takeaway slideshow in the UK and listed Binley Mega Chippy first, Chippy began to attract the attention of millions of people.

Since then, he has produced numerous parody accounts, memes and comedy videos, and has been featured on Harry Hill’s TV Burp. First opened in 2004, the takeaway changed ownership eight months ago and is now operated by Gandhi.

After taking a 250-mile round trip to the famous Chippy and finding it closed, Dad was "a little disappointed."

Source link After taking a 250-mile round trip to the famous Chippy and finding it closed, Dad was "a little disappointed."

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