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After the ghost ordered her to leave, the horrifying Kerry Katona ran away from the celebrity’s haunted castle.

TV star Kerry Katona After the ghost warned her “I’m leaving now,” she revealed that I had frightened from the celebrity’s castle.

The show’s 2004 champions have agreed to join Internet spook hunters Lee and Lindistair to explore Gurich Castle. Here, the latest series of I’m A Celeb was filmed. The famous Welsh castle is rumored to be haunted.

A former Atomic Kitten singer took her daughter, Lily Sue, 18, who thought the Ghostbusters Facebook page survey was ridiculous.

However, 40-year-old Kelly became so scared that she started running and was trapped in a car.

Kelly ran out of castle

She put it on her leg after ordering her to leave the Welsh castle with an electronic voice phenomenon that seems to transfer mental energy to language.

In the video clip, a male voice tells her to “go away,” and when nervous Kelly says “I really want to go now,” the voice booms.

Linde, 52, said Kelly ran away leaving her teenage daughter behind and finished the ghost hunt shortly after she stopped filming the creepy scene. This was one of the darkest energies we have ever encountered, “said Linde.

She continued: “It was absolutely great. As it got darker, I had to admit, Kelly was a little scared. She was really scared.

Welsh castle was used for last year's I'm ACelebrity
Welsh castle was used for last year’s I’m ACelebrity

“I got a spirit box that is believed to allow spirits to speak and communicate. With that in mind, the first words that came up are gone now.”

“She ran straight into the car and locked herself in. She was scared. She kept hugging me, and you can feel her hugging me.

She tied my arms and clung to me. I feel sorry for her. We were the first people to go there to investigate live.

“There’s more to offer from that location. If the cockroach stays there, there’s little to worry about celebrities.”

Kelly was apparently scared of her wit
Kelly was apparently scared of her wit

A couple from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, is investigating paranormal phenomena around the world with 1.8 million followers on the Project Reveal – Ghosts Of Britain web page.

Linde said pandemic restrictions prevented me from resisting the opportunity to explore the castle where I was a celebrity contestant last year.

They invited the winner before the show as a guest, but Linde said their problems began until they reached the basement.

She explained: “The floor has a pentagram and some upside-down crosses. This is a sign of Satanism.

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“We did an EVP and said,’Who is here?’ “What kind of ritual was held here?”

“And the man’s voice is as clear as what he said to me,’Go home.’

“Kelly Proper was surprised. She had to leave.”

A castle spokesman refused to comment on what had happened.

After the ghost ordered her to leave, the horrifying Kerry Katona ran away from the celebrity's haunted castle.

Source link After the ghost ordered her to leave, the horrifying Kerry Katona ran away from the celebrity's haunted castle.

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