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After the pilot’s husband is grounded to Covid, the couple starts a rum business that produces 600 bottles a month.

The couple, who began the blockade in the face of redundancy and money concerns, now produce about 600 bottles of rum a month in their own distillery.

Former pilot Matt Hunt, 34, and his wife, Becky, trained as a teacher, were afraid of the economic consequences of a pandemic of caring for two young children. ..

While Becky was a housewife and felt “insufficient” in the application, his two fathers, Matt, became redundant from their work at FlyBe last March.

Faced with an uncertain future, they decided to start a rum distillery and poured in a savings of £ 15,000.

As a result, Old Mother Hunt is now sold in farm stores and online.

One of the rums made by former pilot Matt Hunt and his wife Becky

Before launching in November 2020, the couple learned how to distill by reading books, watching shows, and talking to other distilleries.

On a daily basis, Matt is the chief distillery, designing logos and bottles, and Becky is responsible for the business, social media, marketing, and sales aspects of the company.

With current capacity, this pair produces about 500-600 bottles a month and can be sold to local stores, farm stores and online retailers.

Becky said: “Like many other people in the blockade, we struggled to adapt to another life and had to find a way to continue for us and our two children.

“Matt lost his job as Captain of Flybe in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, with no warnings or layoffs.

“As the pandemic progressed, in the next few months we realized that the airline was shut down and Matt was much less likely to fly again for his career.

“Both of us applied for a lot of jobs, but the economy collapsed and there was so much shortage of jobs that we decided we needed to create our own jobs and opportunities. There was not.

“We wanted to create forward-looking concerns.

“We tried a lot of different ideas, but continued to return to the idea of ​​running our own rum distillery.

“We invested about £ 15,000 and did it all ourselves. Matt designed the logo and label and launched the website.

“Most of the money was spent on rum equipment.”

The operation of the distillery was a “massive learning curve” for Matt and Becky, who moved from Nottingham to Strathaven, South Lanarkshire in 2017.

Currently, couples formulate and rectify pure white rum to produce flavors. The alcohol is then redistilled with Matt’s own stills to produce five Old Mother Hunt Flavored Rum: Smoky Oak, Number Seven, Nuchal Rigidity, Signature and Winter Spice.

Matt said: “My life will be the same as before. Working with Becky, which we have always talked about, never worked.

“We wanted to create a genuine, fresh spirit that is as unpretentious as the alcohol industry.

“Creating the whole brand ourselves was a challenge, to put it mildly. We’ve experienced a fairly steep learning curve in every way, and we love it every minute.

“Fortunately, the popularity of rum is growing as rapidly as the need to create it, and we are working hard to ensure that we have enough inventory to meet the demand.”

Matt Hunt and wife Becky
Matt Hunt and wife Becky

Homeschooling two children, ages 4 and 5, was another challenge while launching the company. Becky describes it as “incredibly stressful,” but it’s also positive.

She said: “I want my kids to see you can have a company and a family.

“It’s also great to have a closer relationship with my dad, who now works from home and doesn’t fly.

“When he lost his job at FlyBe, it was a big financial, mental and emotional blow, as he was unlikely to fly again.

“So it was a wonderful silver lining that allowed him to approach the children.”

After the pilot's husband is grounded to Covid, the couple starts a rum business that produces 600 bottles a month.

Source link After the pilot's husband is grounded to Covid, the couple starts a rum business that produces 600 bottles a month.

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