AIC Survey: Managers Support Renewable Energy

One in five managers (18%) said they expect the renewable energy infrastructure asset class to be the strongest, with mid-cap stocks slightly behind at 17%.

According to the AIC website, there are currently 21 investment companies in the renewable energy infrastructure sector with an average premium of 7.7%. Hydrogen One Capital Growth is trading at the highest premium at 20.6%, but only 4 trusts are trading at a discount.

When asked which stock market sector works the most, alternative energy and REITs received the most votes, 12% each.

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In a poll conducted by managers of AIC member companies in November, there was also the question of which region will perform best in 2022.

One-quarter of respondents chose the UK and one-fifth (20%) chose emerging markets. There was also support for the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan and the United States (both 15%).

Nine out of ten managers believe interest rates will rise next year, one-fifth is the biggest threat to the stock market, and 17% say rising inflation is the most pressing threat.

However, long-term high inflation is considered long-term. Only 15% of managers expect inflation to exceed 5% over the next three years, but 65% think this is unlikely or very unlikely to happen.

Managers believe that the biggest cause of optimism in 2022 is the threat of Covid-19 retreating and winning 21% of the votes.

However, this investigation was completed before the new variant, Omicron, was identified. The second largest cause of optimism was a recession in supply chain problems (19%), followed by technology that drives economic growth (16%).

Annabel Brodie-Smith, AIC’s Director of Communications, said: With a focus on climate change at COP26, renewables are expected to perform best in 2022.

“Of course, no one has a crystal ball. Investors need to focus on long-term investments by creating a balanced portfolio that meets their needs. If in doubt, financial adviser Please consult with us. “

AIC Survey: Managers Support Renewable Energy

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