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Aiming to be a “superstar,” experts say, “I don’t want a quiet life.”

Royal experts insisted Megan Markle Wanting to be a “superstar,” he said this ambition contradicts her and Prince Harry’s desire for privacy and reduced media intrusion.

Channel 5 documentary Meghanat 40: The Climb to Power introduced the Duchess of Sussex as a self-made ambitious woman.

About the show, royal commentator Emily Andrews said:

“Personally, I think it’s too simple. I think Megan and Harry were so unhappy in life that they wanted to make a change to make a more positive change.”

Megan Markle on the red carpet of Soho House in 2013

Later, royal critics said it would be difficult for Megan and Harry to harmonize their plea for privacy with their new Hollywood image.

Emily continued. “I think the problem for Megan is that they complained, complained, and complained about intrusion and privacy, but in fact she doesn’t want a quiet life.

“She doesn’t want to be Mrs. Mountbatten Windsor. She raises chickens and grows her own organic vegetables.

Megan reportedly signed up with Colin Kawee to organize her birthday party.
2017 Megan Markle and Prince Harry

“She wants to be a superstar, this changemaker, this disruptor,” he said.

Emily added: “To do that, you need to have a very high name, and to have that name, you need to trade in those royal connections.”

This comes after the biographer insists Megan “upset” the royal family because she was much smarter than them..

Sean Smith, a royal expert who is the author of Meghan Misunderstood, said her proven wisdom at college and as an activist and orator is a source of tension.

The author said on Twitter: He is the most intelligent person among them. “

Aiming to be a "superstar," experts say, "I don't want a quiet life."

Source link Aiming to be a "superstar," experts say, "I don't want a quiet life."

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