Airdrie 0, Montrose 3: Diamonds Don’t Shine in Matte League 1 Opener

Airdrie had a bad start to the League One campaign as Montrose ran out of comfortable winners in New Bloomfield.

Gable Endies didn’t do anything particularly spectacular, but Lewis Milne ran the show, set up one and won the second.

They absorbed everything Airdrie threw at them-it wasn’t that much-and hit the counter for a catastrophic effect.

Thanks to Terry Masson’s goal, Montrose took the lead in the interval, but in the otherwise dull first half, it was a bit of a quality.

Airdrie tried to break into the visitor, but Montrose succeeded, just sitting and clearing the line, attacking the counter.

Diamonds rarely crossed the midline far, but Luis Milne of Montrose caused a particular problem.

It came back to the roost early in the second half. Milne was given too much time and space to defend and simply ran through to win Montrose’s second.

The Sub-Blair Lions were knocked down into the box in 73 minutes, and Graham Webster sent a penalty to fully ensure the victory.

Last Saturday, both teams lost 4-1 to the top league teams, Airdrie lost to the Queen of the South, and Montrose lost to Ross County. Both were Premier Sports Cups.

Airdrieon boss Ian Murray has made one change to the lineup, including Rhys McCabe replacing Sam Wardrop.

Montrose Gaffer Stewart Petrie makes five changes, goalkeeper Alan Fleming replaces Aaron Lennox, Sean Dillon, Terry Masson, Mark Watley, Martin Rennie Craig Brown, Paul -Replaced Watson, Blair Lyons and Craig Johnston.

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Airdley did most of his early runs and made a close call when Matty McDonald’s free kick headed to the bar just in front of Scott Agnew at the back post.

Player-coach Scott Agnew tried to make things happen during the poor times of the first half of Airdrieon.

But when Lewis Milne crossed Masson and the veteran clipped a low shot in the lower left corner past the helpless Max Curry, Montrose took the lead with their first real chance.

Milne caused all sorts of problems with Airdrie in the first half, with some hots diverted towards the corners, but the host didn’t seem to be able to collect anything close to the last third of the move.

Airdrie thought he had found a defensive gap in 39 minutes when Salim Couder Aissa returned the ball to Agnew in the box, but the offside flag went up.

At the other end, Liam Callahan’s corner from the right was headed by Matty Alan to a fairly large area on the left post, but it was another free header.

Lewis Milne (right) was the real star of Montrose
Lewis Milne (right) was the real star of Montrose

Airdrieon made changes at intervals and threw Gabby McGill at Matty McDonald, but three minutes later Couder Aissa was injured and Jordan Alan was forced to make another change.

However, when Milne was given too much time and space, Montrose effectively scored three points in 50 minutes and broke through the defense before firing in the left corner.

Milne tried to turn the provider again five minutes later, but Masson’s shot was successfully blocked in the left post.

Airdrie rarely missed a chance in the 67th minute, but Subdylan Easton’s low shot was comfortably shot by Fleming.

Rhys McCabe tried a carbon copy of a spectacular free-kick goal with Motherwell in 70 minutes, but this time it was easy to save.

Montrose was already at home and was hose-stopped, but a little in 74 minutes when Graham Webster confidently put a spot kick in the lower left corner after the Subblair Lions were knocked down into the box. The gloss has increased.

A hook shot from the Lions added almost a quarter in 81 minutes, but it bounced harmlessly over a wide area of ​​the left post.

Agnew tried to get something back for Airdrie on a distant shot, but it was comfortable for Fleming.

AIRDRIE: Currie, Watson, Kerr, Fordyce, McCabe, S. McGill (Easton, 59), Agnew, McDonald (G. McGill, 46), Quitongo, Gallagher, Kouider-Aissa (Allan 48)

Submarines (unused): Cantley (GK), Ritchie, Pyott, Frizzell.

Reservation: Car (73)

Montrose: Fleming, Alan, Wadel (Quin, 76), Dillon, Steves (Watson, 77), Webster, Masson, Watley, Callahan, Lenny (Lions, 71), Milne.

Submarines (unused): Lennox (GK), Brown, Antoniazzi.

Reservation: Wadel (53)

Referee: Lloyd Wilson.

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Airdrie 0, Montrose 3: Diamonds Don't Shine in Matte League 1 Opener

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